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Dolomites Ski Safari

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GIROe: Grand Tour of Tuscany

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Soft Adventures by Inspired ITALY

These are not the kind of places you stumble upon by chance and perfectly illustrate the wisdom of tapping into local knowledge.

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SPECIAL Dolomites Ski Safari

Skiing the Dolomites | North, South, East & WestSPECIAL Ski Safari
  • • 7 Nights
  • • Dolomites
  • • Skiing in the Dolomites
  • • Average hours of activity: 6h to 7h
  • • Prices from $2,947 per person

GIROe: Grand Tour of Tuscany

You & the Legs of a ProTUSCANY | ROAD BIKE
  • • Guided or Self-Guided 7 or 5 Nights
  • • Indulgence Accommodation
  • • ⭐️NEW for 2020 | Tuscany's Best Cycling Terroir
  • • Prices from $1,930 per person

CLASSIC Dolomites Ski Safari

Soft Adventure on Groomed Ski SlopesCLASSIC Ski Safari
  • • 7 Nights
  • • Dolomites
  • • A Steady Pace
  • • Average hours of activity: 6hrs of good paced skiing
  • • Prices from $2,447 per person

Our Umbria

Niccone Valley | Montone | Gubbio | AssisiUMBRIA | Guided
  • • 7 or 5 Nights
  • • Indulgence Guided
  • • Average hours of activity: 2h 52m
  • • Prices from $2,287 per person

Be a Traveller

At Inspired ITALY, we love to know what is around the next corner. To go just that little bit further, to find a new breath-taking view, taste a new dish, find a exhilarating descent or to carve a tighter corner.

We tend to stay away from the others, to follow our own routes.

We don’t like crowds and we believe that the best experiences are always shared with a few friends.


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