An Amble in Umbria

Exploring the Umbria & Tuscany border on foot

Easy & Moderate Walks in Rural Italy

Walking Holidays in Italy

A menu of walks from very easy to moderate, set in the Niccone Valley amongst its castles, oak and chestnut woods, olive trees and medieval villages unique to the borders of Tuscany and Umbria.

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  • 3 Nights
  • 5 & 7 Night Available - CONTACT US FOR PRICING
  • GPS Self Guided
  • Set your Own Pace & Itinerary
  • Private Transfers To/From Walk Start/Finish Included (Max 25min)
  • Maps & Detailed Itineraries
  • Petal Walks from the Village
  • Tuscany & Umbria Border


  • 10 Walking Itineraries Centred on the Niccone Valley
  • Walks from 30mins to 5hrs
  • ' 👟' to ' 👟👟👟'


Set your own pace and combine your time with pool side relaxation, a lazy lunch or a one of the great local short walks.

During your stay visit Lake Trasimeno, the hilltop town of Cortona and the ancient stone blessed by St Donnino - legend has it that it cures painful aches and pains.

Most of the walks are incredibly quiet - Cortona is the only 'town' walk - it is unusual to encounter other walkers. You are more likely to happen across the occasional mushroom hunter.

Where the start and/or finish point is away from Il Palazzo, transfers are included.


The Village Memory Walk

More a 'passeggiata' (stroll) than a walk. 
An easy and enjoyable start to your holiday and a lovely way to find out about the village of Lisciano Niccone, your base for the next few days.

The 8 'memory boards' dotted through the village shows photos and descriptions of the village and surrounding areas, mostly taken in the 30s, 40s and 50’s.

Nearly all the families mentioned in the photos, still have homes here in the village. Take a walk around while enjoying a 'gelato' or take a coffee break in one of the two village cafe bars.


★History & Images of the local villages ★


2 Km/1.1 miles | 30 minutes | Start/Finish Il Palazzo



Lisciano Niccone on the Umbria Tuscany border. Sitting at the western end of the Niccone Valley, Lisciano Niccone's history is linked to Hannibal, St. Francis and WWII.

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The Balcony of Tuscany

A glorious walk around the outskirts and wonderful narrow streets of Cortona - 8km 2 to 5 hours depending on the time you spend visiting Churches and Museums. Some short steepish sections. An absolute must during your stay. We will drop you in the centre of Cortona and collect you in the afternoon, so that you can spend the day exploring this wonderful town dating from 2,500BC.


★Views of the Val di Chiana & Lake Trasimeno ★Medici Fortress ★Etruscan Museums ★Bramosole, where Frances Mayes wrote her famous book 'Under the Tuscan Sun'


8Km/5miles | 2h to 5 hrs | Short Car Transfer Included

Cortona is known as 'The Balcony of Tuscany'. Its commanding position provides broad and distant vistas. Take time to explore the local historical buildings along the way.

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Borders Walk - A Petal Walk

Following the banks of the 'Niccone' stream, this walk takes you to the other side of the valley, offering views into the distance of Sorbello castle and the far distance of the Appenines.

Depending on the time of year there are many butterflies and wild flowers along this walk.


★Rural Surroundings


7Km/4.5m | 2hrs | Start/Finish Il Palazzo | An easy, flat walk along the Niccone Valley

The simple countryside of the area is typically given over to crops and agriculture. Every piece of land is cultivated. There are many private orto's (veg gardens) to be observed.

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Footsteps of St. Francis; an Island Walk

Take one of the many Ferries to Isole Maggiore, walk around this interesting Island, famous for its connection with St Francis and an amazing Jewish rescue during WWII.

Do visit the fabulous Castle of Guglielmo. There are a number of lovely places for lunch or a picnic.


★Lake Trasimeno ★Ferry Ride


3.5Km/2m | 2hrs | Very Easy Walk | Short Car Transfer Included | Ferry to the island of Maggiore

Lake Trasimeno is Italy's fourth largest Lake and a surprise to many first time visitors. There is a wonderful balmy microclimate, creating breezes and an ideal environment for vines - there are some wonderful wines produced here.

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Niccone Ridge Walk

A lovely walk above the Niccone valley through the very interesting and impressive Reschio Estate.

The fabulous houses of this estate are to be marvelled at as are the views as you walk along the ridge. Walk by the Reschio Castle, a Watch Tower, an old ruined Fortress and a Roman bath, unfortunately very little remains of the bath.

The Castle is currently being restored and will be a 5 star hotel.


★Fabulous houses of the Reschio estate ★Reschio Castle


15Km/9m | 4 to 5h | A view of the western end of this impressive terrain

The Castello di Reschio is one of a number of 'walled settlements' on the Umbria Tuscany border. It is perched on a hillock above the valley of Niccone, above the Niccone stream. Today it is part of the territory of Lisciano Niccone in the province of Perugia.

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Chestnuts & Castles

The first part of this walk is the same as the Niccone Ridge Walk.

However, once you are at the top of the ridge you turn right, through a Chestnut Wood that leads to Lisciano Castle, which dates back to the 13th Century. The castle is now divided into a number of properties and is wonderfully and intriguingly original. Walk around and speak to the very friendly people who live there.

If you are lucky they do invite you into the amazing buildings - do take care, parts of the Castle are a little crumbly.

From here you walk back to Lisciano Niccone, down a long Cyprus track and a short section on the road.


★Lisciano Niccone Castle ★Chestnut Woods ★Porcini countryside


10Km/6m | 3h | Start/Finish Il Palazzo | Visit the Castle of Lisciano Niccone

The castle of Lisciano Niccone has ancient origins. It was built on the top of the hill overlooking the village from the east, around the IX-X century. In 1479 it returned to the rule of the papal government and remained until, in 1861. Only a few ruins remain today, testifying to its imposing size. In Val di Rose, near the village of Crocicchie, there is the church of S. Niccolò which houses a Raffaella school altarpiece painted around 1515 by Eusebio di San Giorgio.

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Castle Views & Vistas

Stunning vistas on this walk with views looking down on the castles of Sorbello and Reschio, just across the valley.

You pass through ancient Borgos (hamlets) and Olive groves. We highly recommend starting early and finishing with lunch at Osteria Bar Il Pino, a lovely local restaurant for a long lunch, from where we will collect you.


★Views of Castello do Sorbello ★Lunch in Osteria Bar Il Pino


10km/6m | 3.5h | The rolling tracks & trails of the north valley wall

In the heart of central Italy, in what is now a small extension of Tuscany in Umbria, there was the imperial fief of Sorbello up to 200 years ago, which remained autonomous for about 400 years. Its territory is located in a natural area that still preserves its forests and its wildlife. Sorbello is a millenary castle founded in the tenth century and is still owned by the family that originally founded it and still lives it. 

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The Trilogy

At one point, you can see three regions of Italy - Umbria, Tuscany &, in the far distance Le Marche.

Views of Lake Trasimeno are a little closer, as are glimpses of the Cortona Valley. There is a walk around Pierle Castle at the end.

The walk features a few short steep sections and some rough track.


★Views ★Lunch Lo Scoiattolo


12Km/7.45m | 4h | See Italy - Umbria, Tuscany & Le Marche

We recommend starting around 10am on this walk with a stop for lunch at the Lo Scoiattolo Restaurant (closed Tuesday) which has the most amazing views over the lake and excellent local, seasonal dishes, especially Truffles and Porcini.

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Roman Footsteps Walk

This walk follows an ancient Roman Road which connected the Chiana valley and the Tiber. There are some steep uphill sections and fairly rough terrain. The views from the top however are fantastic. Part of this route is that taken by St Francis. You will also be able to see the whole of Lake Trasimeno on this walk.

Do take a Picnic with you.


★Views of Lake Trasimeno


10.5Km/6.25m | 4h | Following routes from Roman & Etruscan times

Lake Trasimeno has a surface area of 128 km2 (49.4 sq mi) and is the fourth largest lake in Italy, only slightly smaller than Lake Como.

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The St. Donnino Stone

A walk to a religious site, immersed in woodland where Saint Donnino blessed a stone. Legend has it, that those suffering from arthritis or other similar aches and pains may be cured by placing the offending joint in the holes in the rock!

There are a number of shrines and picnic tables here, so do take a picnic lunch with you.

From the Sasso, you walk back a little way and then continue up to the top of the ridge, where you have views to both the Niccone Valley and the San Leo Bastia Valley. The walk back down to the valley floor takes you past yet another Castle - Danciano and also a large building, which was a Silk Mill many years ago. This area was famous for Silk weaving and the botanists among you will notice many Mulberry trees.


★Cure your aches & pains this legendary site


16Km/10m | 5.5h

The stone of Saint Donnino. Cure your aches and pains!

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Area Map

where you stay | Il Palazzo

“This is an ideal way to experience Italian life away from masses of tourists”

Il Palazzo is a family run Agriturismo, built in 1700.

The serviced apartment accommodation is comfortable, traditionally furnished and offered with half board or bed and breakfast. Each apartment has a small fully equipped kitchen.

Gianna and her family raise their own meat and grow most of the vegetables and even harvest saffron on their farm.

The pool area has wonderful views across the Niccone Valley where a number of our walks start and finish.


REVIEW: Il Palazzo is an imposing restored 18th century farm house with a large secluded swimming pool and stunning views of the unspoiled wooded landscape. The apartments are spacious, well equipped and spotlessly clean. Gianna is the chef of the restaurant at Il Palazzo and she and her daughter Adriana produce a daily selection of very reasonably priced Tuscan, Umbrian and Sardinian dishes using locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. There is also a fantastic selection of pizzas. Il Palazzo is in an ideal location: you can stroll to the bars and shops in Lisciano Niccone and Mercatale a neighbouring Tuscan village. This is an ideal way to experience Italian life away from masses of tourists. However it is extremely easy to get to Lake Trasimeno and its islands.


$395 per person

Your adventure includes:

Your adventure includes:

  • Price Shown is for a 3 Night Walking Holiday at Il Palazzo
  • 5 & 7 Nights Walking Itineraries | Please Contact Us for Pricing
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Welcome Briefing & Drinks
  • A Choice of Walks
  • Daily Transfers where needed
  • Maps, Walking GPS & Notes
  • WhatsApp Guide & Support
  • Swimming Pool

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