Italy 20:52 – 18 January 2021

Cycling for Solos

Bike Holidays for Single & Solo Travellers

Guided eBike Adventures in Rural ITALY

Umbria & Tuscany

Singles Bike Holidays in Italy are to be enjoyed! Join a small, fully guided group bike holiday as one of only 8 guests and explore Rural Umbria or Tuscany.


- Cycling to be Enjoyed, Not Endured -


Prices from $1,821 per person View Prices


  • Solo & Singles Bike Holidays 5 or 7 Nights
  • Choose Tuscany or Umbria Itineraries
  • Distinctive Accommodation | Villas, Castles & Palazzos
  • For Wine & Food Lovers | Wine & Olive Oil Tastings
  • Small Groups | Max 8 Guests
  • Customised Electric Bike by Raleigh
  • Cycling to be Enjoyed, Not Endured
  • On Tour Luggage Transfer


  • ACTIVITY LEVEL: Easy to Moderate
  • CYCLING PER DAY: Umbria 2h to 3h
  • MINIMUM DISTANCE: Umbria 165 miles
  • TOTAL SADDLE TIME: Umbria 13h to 14h
  • CYCLE DAYS: 5 or 6
  • REST DAY: Umbria 1 Day Assisi
  • AVERAGE DAY: 30 to 35 miles
  • CALORIES BURENED: Umbria 4124 approx

Italy eBike Holidays as a Single or Solo Traveller

“We create ‘experiences’ to be shared by you”


As a solo or single traveller, you will have your own room. While your principal luggage is transferred from hotel to hotel, you are out enjoying your day exploring rural Italy on your eBike. Your accommodation is en suite and you enjoy some extraordinary quality hotels and locations.


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Small Groups - Not All Singles

With a maximum of eight travellers per eBike Safari Holiday, you’re neither front and centre nor left in the corner. And it is your choice as to how you interact with your fellow travellers. Meals are typically taken together, but we are more dinner party than a beach party!

Moreover, we appreciate that all guests, whether singles and couples, do need their own space at times!


An Experience Shared

We create ‘experiences’ to be shared by you and your fellow travellers. Visiting ancient Castles, tasting extraordinary wines and olive oil or just taking in another wonderful vista.

All the best experiences are shared!


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Your eBike Leader & Your Best Friend

Your full-time bike leader stays in the same accommodation and is always available, 24/7 to assist, support, to answer your queries and generally ensure that the atmosphere is relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Our bike leaders tend to be a little more senior than many and are seasoned social hosts! They are first aid trained, not that you’ll need that, and they know the area intimately having lived in Italy for nearly 20 years.



“Geoffrey at 85 yrs. He completed the Our Umbria eBike Safari”


Like-Minded People

Your fellow travellers are typically couples and other solo and single travellers usually with an international mix of English, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealanders.


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Age - Holidays for Solo & Single Travellers over 50

The typical guest is ‘over 50’ and has a professional background. Our oldest was Geoffrey at 85 yrs. He completed the Our Umbria eBike Safari. As long as you have a good basic level of fitness, and do some preparation beforehand, you’ll be fine. It isn’t the ‘exercise’ that gets most people, it is the bike seat!


Safe & Hassle-Free

Everything is taken care of, even your coffee order! Your eBike Leader is extremely experienced in dealing with mixed groups; they know the terrain, the local history and often a lot of the gossip!

Your eBike Leader ensures that the pace is comfortable for everyone and they know where the best lunches are!


$1,821 per person

Your adventure includes:

Your adventure includes:

  • Price shown for 7 night, 'Our Umbria eBike Safari'
  • 6 Day | 5 Night or 8 Days | 7 Nights itineraries
  • Full Time eBike Leader
  • Raleigh Motus eBike | Haibike Cross | Lapierre eXelius
  • For Food & Wine Lovers
  • Private Tours, Events, Entrance Fees, Gratuities & Tips
  • Small Groups
  • Luggage Transfers & Support Vehicle

Bike Holidays for Singles & Solo's In Italy

Singles Bike Holidays in Italy

Many Inspired ITALY guests are singles, solos or unaccompanied travellers who enjoy holidays and soft adventures.

Inspired ITALY bike holidays explore the rural areas of Umbria and Tuscany.



Philly and I loved it. The routing was interesting and not overly testing, the scenery stunning, the bikes very user friendly!, the hotels great (three in particular) and the food excellent. I did not expect to return heavier than when I set out!!

Sir Ian Collett

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Our Umbria e-Bike Safari

Niccone Valley | Montone | Gubbio | AssisiDAILY GUIDED
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Terroir of Tuscany

Cortona | Val d'Orica | Montalcino | Crete Sienesi | Chianti DAILY GUIDED
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Italy's Rural Heart

  • • 7 or 5 Nights
  • • Classic Accommodation
  • • The Wide Valleys of Umbria
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  • • Prices from $1,266 per person