Italy 23:37 – 25 September 2022

A Cycling Master Class with Alessandro Vanotti

Learn Pro Cycling Secrets from the 19x Grand Tour Cyclist

You’ll really enjoy cycling alongside Ale because you’ll immediately learn new rider skills and get to put them into practice there an then.

All of which means you’ll quickly become a much better cyclist

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If you would like to know how an ordinary cyclist can dramatically improve their abilities and take on new cycling challenges, then this is the most interesting cycling holiday that you have ever discovered. 



Your coach, Alessandro Vanotti, competed in 9x Giro d'Italia, 5x Tour de France, 5x Vuelta de Espana and that's not all. Ale supported and helped Vincenzo Nibilai, Ivan Basso and Alessandro Petacchi win the greatest cycle races in the world. Now he can help you become a better cyclist.


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  • Your Coach: Alessandro Vanotti former pro cyclist with Ivan Basso & Vincenzo Nibali
  • Maximum 10x guests per Master Class
  • On Ride Coaching from Alessandro & Roberto
  • FTP - Personal Functional Threshold Power test
  • Ride Varied Terrain: Mountains, Flat & Time Trial
  • Post Ride Discussions, Talks & Stories
  • Exclusive Country Hotel with Pool & Spa
  • Super Half Board: Breakfast; Post-Ride Lunch & Dinner with Water & House Wine
  • Full Service Bike Facilities & Storage
  • Based on the Tuscany Umbria border
  • Master Class Cycling Jersey by Santini
  • EXCLUSIVE: Only Two Camps per Annum
  • PARTNER PROGRAM: Ask about the None-Cycling Partner Program from £976


  • 🏋️‍♂️ Personal FTP Test
  • 📍📍 DAILY RIDES From 30Km to 100km+
  • 🚴🏻💨 CYCLING SPEEDS: 25Km/h to 30Km/h on flat ground
  • ⏱ DAILY SADDLE TIME: 3h to 5h
  • - Time Trial
  • - Climbing & Descending
  • - Long Rides
  • READ INSPIRED ITALY's 100+ 5⭐️ GUEST REVIEWS ON Tripadvisor & Google.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my week and can highly recommend experiencing Italy to anyone looking for a cycling holiday, and I'm hoping to book another holiday with them next year.”

Alan Parkinson, Road Cycling in Italy



8:00 Breakfast & Briefing

8:30 Bike & Ride Prep

9:00 Depart for Daily Ride

c13:00/14:30 Return to Hotel & Lunch

14:30 to 19:00 Relax & Recover - Pool, Spa, Relax

19.00-20.30: Dinner

21:00-23:00:  Discussions, Talks & Stories



EASY: Città di Castello

Good-paced flat ride through the Umbrian valleys of Niccone and Upper Tiber.

We stop for a light Sunday lunch and refuel in the heart of Citta di Castello before returning.


Mainly Flat Valley Ride with a good pace to warm up the week


72.7Km; Ascent 692m with no CATEGORISED climbs; Lowest point 247m highest 318m

Alessandro 'The Locomotive' Vanotti was a key member of the Astana team. "...the Tirreno Adriatico, which was an important launching pad and test during the spring in the lead up to the Giro. It was an exciting challenge with great champions like Froome, Contador and Sagan. The penultimate stage from Porto san 'Elpidio starts under the sun, so I tried to anticipate with a breakaway and then wait for Vincenzo on the very hard final route: I found myself uphill alone with a certain Fabian Cancellara, in a breakaway ... on the most beautiful first of the top of the hill, during the maximum effort I had a chain jump that forced me to stop, to then leave again and be reabsorbed by the group.

TIME TRIAL: Niccone Valley Loop

The Niccone Valley has a perfect 13.2Km road circuit to try out your Time Trial skills.

Alessandro, who was a team time trial specialist, takes you around the course giving you tips and advice on how to use aero bars and how to get the best out of your body and bike.

We provide clip or aero bars for you if you wish.



  • Sprinting 
  • Get the Best from Your Gears
  • Pacing
  • Group Riding Techniques 
    • Riding a Pace Line
    • Drafting
    • Riding in a group with crosswind/headwind


🔴 Check out the Niccone Valley Time Trial Course here 



Individual and Team Time Trial


Description … Flat, right had loop course. Distance … 13.2Km Height Gain … 80m↗︎ Estimated Ride Time … 27m 51s

"I took a very long pull at the end of the time trial towards the small final climb, and I realized that I was going very strong not only from the computer but also from the radio, in which I heard screams and cheers for how I pulled: it was a moment of real adrenaline, and there we put on the maglia rosa with Enrico Gasparotto as well as a team victory.

Lake Loop

As the name suggests the Lake Loop is largely flat & fast, but with two categorised climbs at 16 & 71km this ride has enough spice!


The 2021 Giro d'Italia Wine Stage used part of this route.


Spectacular views throughout this ride and with a lot of flat terrains to test your speed.



  • Riding Out of the saddle
  • Climbs
  • Sprints
  • Looking BACK & Riding One-Handed
  • Fueling - Eating and Drinking
  • Balance
  • Get the Best from your Gears
  • Pedalling Technique
  • The Right Cadence


🔴 Check out the Lake Loop here.

🔴 Watch the Giro 2021 Wine Stage here.



Lake Views, Coffee in Castiglione del Lago; Tales of Hannibal.


Distance … 84.54Km Height Gain … 1,198m↗︎ Average Speed … 25km/h Estimated Ride Time … 2h 52m

Alessandro keeps in tip top cycling condition. "I have a lot of memories of my 9 editions of Giro d’Italia, including the three editions that we won in 2007, 2010 and 2013. Sure I remember also Giro in 2009 because of an unusual extremely hot weather and because the first stage was a team time trial in Venice … absolutely stunning!

MODERATE: San Leo Climb

Pretty much a  sustained 23Km climb plus a c6.5Km climb to finish!

Dig in and grind this one out! Long climbs are the making of a good cyclist. This is one of the longest in the area.




  • Riding out of the saddle
  • Looking BACK & Riding One Handed
  • Get the Best from Your Gears
  • Pedalling Technique
  • The Right Cadence


  • Cornering
  • Breaking 
  • Emergency stop
  • Skidding
  • Rider Position
  • Fueling - Eating and Drinking
  • Bike Balance
  • Pacing


🔴 Check out the San Leo Climb here.


Val di Chiana vistas; Coffee in Cortona.


Distance … 84.54Km Height Gain … 1,198m↗︎ Estimated Ride Time … 2h 52m

"If I hadn't been interested in Basso at that moment (since we were in front with Nibali), he would never have won that Giro d 'Italia. Those are the details that make the difference at the end of a great Giro. But that Giro was a succession of strong emotions, from when we lost the pink jersey with Vincenzo in Montalcino to his stage victory climbing Monte Grappa, or to victory again in the team time trial.

MODERATE: Montone 1000/100+

Largely Flat & fast with one easy categorised climb. Montone is worth the effort.

This fast-paced ride has two climbs only one of which is categorised. That said, you'll bag a hefty 1,350m vertical today.



Group Riding

  • Moving up in a group
  • Riding a paceline
  • Drafting
  • Riding in a Cross/headwind


🔴 Check out the Montone 1000/100 here.



Quiet country roads & a stop in the Piazza at Montone.


Distance … 104.50Km Height Gain … 1,350m↗︎ Estimated Ride Time … 3h 10m

"My first bike was a “Piazzalunga”, a famous local taylor made bike producer near Bergamo. Don’t know exactly the cost, but remembering my father with two or three jobs at the same time to buy me things, the affective value is immense to me. The bike was one or two measures bigger than me, just to let me use it for two or more years. I remember also that when I was a child my uncle Ennio Vanotti was already a pro for Chateau D’Ax: one day they brought me in a shop with an excuse, and when I arrived there i saw Gianni Bugno (world champion 1991 and 1992) that gave me a pair of Diadora Shoes like they used in the team. I remained breathless, and for many weeks i continued to ride without looking at the road but with my eyes fixed on the shoes … I couldn’t believe it.

HARD: The Fiorentino Peaks

Flat-Climb-Descend [Repapt 3x).

Tough day!



  • Fueling - Eating and Drinking
  • Pacing
  • Descending
  • Group Riding
  • Climbing


🔴 Check out the The Fiorentino Peaks ride here.



Quiet country roads & a stop in the Piazza at Montone.


Distance … 90.4Km Height Gain … 1496m↗︎ Estimated Ride Time … 4h 15m

"My nickname was “Locomotiva” (Locomotive) 🚂 because I was used to stay in front of the group, hours of television commentary and kilometers of “pushing hard”.

Area Map

Alessandro Vanotti riding for team Liquigas

The Master Cyclist: Alessandro Vanotti

The Locomotive

Stage 13 of the 2020 Giro d’Italia was about to get underway. We were grabbing an espresso before the start.

Alessandro saw our group made a B-line for our guide.

His  6’ 1” frame immediately gives away his years in the saddle. We chatted for 20 minutes and I immediately warmed to ‘Ale’. Vanotti notched up 19 grand tour appearances between 2004 and 2017. And as Vincenzo Nibali’s right-hand domestique, he was key to Niabli’s 2013 Giro and 2014 Tour de France wins.

Ale was at the very pinnacle of cycling for many years.

He is still very much involved in the sport offering expert cycling commentary for major cycling events.



Cycling in Umbria & Tuscany

Give Yourself More Time to Train

The Super Half Board frees you of daily chores meaning more time to relax and ride

The Master Class experience wraps up all of the support and hotel services that you need to enable you to focus on what you are here for – to learn and ride. 

Your Super Half Board means you eat very well, as all meals are provided. While the daily laundry service means fresh cycling apparel every morning.

The decks are cleared and you can focus on your next ride and learn from the master.

A great hotel and the perfect environment to rest and relax after your daily rides

… And Even More Time to Rest

Rest is key and is why good training camps work.

The right amount of rest and recovery allows your body to recover and benefit from your training efforts. Take the afternoon by the pool or on the beach. Head to the Spa or just relax in the lounge. 

Ride more and rest well – it’s key.

Cycling under the Tuscan Sun

Mediterranean Weather

Cycling in rural Italy is delightful.

That is why in 2021 the Tirreno Adriatico and the 2021 Giro d’Italia came through here.

The Mediterranean climate of central Italy means warm air, sunshine, and little wind. A perfect cycling environment.

And with warmer weather come the benefits of less clothing and a significantly reduced risk of catching a virus or cold!

Vanotti leading the Astana team including Nibali

The Joy of Riding in a Small Group

Meet your fellow cyclist and tuck in behind him for the next few kilometres!

For those not used to riding in small groups, this discipline is tremendously satisfying.

Push yourself a little because we are all just a little bit competitive, aren’t we! And riding with a small, intimate group helps carry you further than you would normally ride.

And the Master Class provides us with the opportunity to simulate race situations. Such fun!

Our longest climb is 23Km

Longer Climbs for Better Training

The terrain is critical to a good cycling training camp.

The foothills of Italy’s backbone, the Appennine mountain range provide ample opportunity for cyclists to engage in long challenging climbs.

And for you, the greater amount of time spent on longer climbs helps you sustain longer training zones at your sweet spot.

In turn, this helps you improve your power to weight ratio.

We have many categorised climbs for you to test yourself during your week with Alessandro.

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