Italy 17:41 – 26 May 2024

Dolomites Ski Safari for Solo & Single Skiers

Ski Adventures for Unaccompanied Skiers


Half of Inspired ITALY’s Ski Safari guests are Solo, Single or Unaccompanied Skiers


Many guests on the Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safaris are single, solo and unaccompanied skiers because with a maximum of seven guests, the atmosphere is more 'dinner party and ski adventure'.


SPECIAL Dolomites Ski Safari

DOLCE TEMPO Dolomites Ski Safari

CLASSIC Dolomites Ski Safari

VENTURE Dolomites Ski Safari


Prices from $3,464 per person View Prices


  • No Single Supplement
  • SMALL GROUPS: Max 7 Guests
  • Suited to Fit, Intermediate or Better skiers
  • Choice of Itineraries - DOLCE TEMPO, CLASSIC, VENTURE, SPECIAL, SUPER 7, SuperSki & World Cup
  • An On-Piste, hut-to-hut Ski Safari Tour of the Dolomite Mountains
  • Ski Pass included
  • Ski Rental included
  • It is all about the Skiing
  • Stay on the Mountain

“A huge thank you for a really fabulous week. Once my first day nerves had calmed down I really enjoyed the skiing!!”

Katie, a solo skier 🇬🇧

“What a great feeling it is when you stood there on the top of the mountain and pointed to the piste saying: "Guys, the piste is yours!" And we skied down, on, a totally fresh and empty slope, in the morning sun. THAT is something no other operator can provide!”

Karl Lintner 🇦🇹

“It made such a lovely change to be skiing on such empty slopes and in such good snow conditions, and the views were, of course, superb. A lovely holiday, and great company. Thank you.”

Patricia, a solo skier 🇬🇧

“A great “thank you” to Tim and Louise, for the inspiration to do this, in this way.”

Tim Ferrari, a solo skier 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Best Bits

  • No Single Supplement
  • Matched Ski Abilities
  • Typical Guest Age 50+
  • 120+ miles skied
  • It is all about the skiing

Ski Trips for Solo Skiers

“Age doesn't matter! What does make a difference, is your fitness and your attitude.”


Your age does not matter! What does make a difference, is your fitness and your attitude.

Our Ski Safari guests are typically 50 to late ’60s. Our youngest skier was Jasper at 14 years and Larry holds the record as our most senior ski safari guest at 79 years young.



The Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari is skiing in the Dolomites at its very best!

Journey through the Dolomite Mountains on the lesser-known, quieter pistes to find the best snow, stunning vistas, local cuisine, wines and stay the night.

The DOLCE TEMPO Dolomites Ski Safari has a gentler pace, more coffee stops and has time to take in the wonderfully unique views and vistas that the Dolomites has to offer.

On the CLASSIC Dolomites Ski Safari, there are no obligatory black slopes. You can cruise the whole week on nothing more challenging than a red ski slope if you wish! For those seeking a little more, you can take on the ‘Tomba la Bomba’, Vulcano and a number of other great black slopes.

The VENTURE Dolomites Ski Safari is a faster pace. We hunt down some cracking Dolomite black ski slopes, look to set a blistering pace and take on all four world cup ski slopes that the Dolomites has to offer.

The SPECIAL Dolomites Ski Safari incorporates the best rifugi in the Dolomites and some memorable experiences. Arrive at the Marmolada by helicopter and in time for the first box and fresh tracks! And how about arriving at your remote rifugio on a snowmobile? Oh, and the skiing is just world-class!



There is something magical about staying on the mountain; As the other skiers drop back into their valleys and return to their hotels, you pull up a chair, order a drink and allow the mountain tranquillity to wash over you. Watch the sun slide behind the mountain opposite, because, more than likely, you’ll be skiing it tomorrow! Enjoy a quiet social evening in the tranquillity that is as unique as the mountain top that you’re on!



A cornerstone of all Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari, is without a doubt, our guests.

With a maximum of seven guests per Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari, the atmosphere is more a dinner party than a ski holiday. And, as with any good dinner party, guests tend to share similar values and life experiences. As you are reading this, you probably fit our guest profile!

Most guests are professional, successful people and enjoy a slightly adventurous outlook on life.

You can expect to meet fellow solo skiers from the UK, Eire, USA, New Zealand and Australia as well as a number of other countries.



But make no mistake, we ski a lot and we ski a long way! The Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safaris are all about skiing.

Six full ski days covering more than 120 ski miles!



Your host and Ski Leader for your Ski Safari week is a dedicated native English speaker with oodles of knowledge about the Dolomite mountains.

We give you a piste map, but you won't ever need it! Nor do you need to worry about the next run, as your ski leader briefs you before each slope.

Don't concern yourself with lunch, coffee stops or even what time it is. There are no arguments as to where to go next or whether you're up to the next run.


You concentrate on your skiing!

Your ski leader has it covered!



Prior to booking, we qualify all our ski guests.

As far as is possible, this ensures that groups are of similar ski ability and fitness. All our guests are intermediate or better skiers.

Not that we have anything against snowboarders, but we do not mix disciplines! There are no snowboarders on our ski adventures.



At the four-star base hotel, the Cavallino d'Oro, as a solo skier, you have your own single room. In the refuge, more than likely you will have to share accommodation with your group. Rifugio accommodation is typically a private en suite room.

Everyone pays the same. There are no single supplements.



$3,464 per person

Your adventure includes:

Your adventure includes:

  • 5, 7 & 10 Night Itineraries
  • No Single Supplement
  • Full Area Six Day Ski Pass
  • Quality Ski Rental
  • Airport Transfers
  • Dolomites Ski Safari BackPack
  • Full Time, Dedicated Ski Leader
  • EXCLUDED Flights, Boots, Helmet & Lunches

Ski Trips for Single, Solo & Unaccompanied Skiers

A Guided Ski Tour in Europe - I've been tempered by the Italians joy of living and the international fellowship of my new ski friends. Inspired ITALY's Dolomites Ski Safari's delivered everything I was looking for in an exciting, diverse and probably the best ski vacation I have experienced. It is unlike any ski trip that you will find in North America!

Paul Dowler, a solo skier from Utah, USA

DOLCE CLASSICO Dolomites Ski Safari

Soft Adventure on Groomed Slopes⚪️ 4 Places
  • • 7 Nights
  • • Easy Paced
  • • 🟠 iKON Pass Discount
  • • From $3,658 per person

VENTURE Dolomites Ski Safari

For Skiers who like to Ski ... a lot!⚪️ 5 Places
  • • 7 Nights
  • • Skiing in the Dolomites
  • • 🟠 iKON Ski Pass Discount
  • • Average hours of activity: Buzzer to Buzzer
  • • Prices from $3,766 per person

SPECIAL Dolomites Ski Safari

Skiing the Dolomites | North, South, East & West⚪️ 2 Places
  • • The Best High-Mountain Rifugi
  • • Ski Adventure & Awe Inspiring Landscapes
  • • 7 Nights 🟠 iKON Ski Pass Discount
  • • From $4,479 per person