Italy 19:42 – 18 November 2019

Seven Tuscan Nights & Siena

⭐️NEW for 2020 | GPS Self Guided 8 Day 7 Nights

Ride through the Tuscan Treasures of Chianti, Siena & San Giminiano

Vast Vistas & Long Weaving Descents through Tuscan Countryside

A GPS Self Guided eBike ride through true Tuscan treasures and countryside. The towns and villages of Chianti, the UNESCO World Heritage sites of San Giminiano and Siena with the surprise of Monteriggioni & Volterra combine to provide a sketch pad of life long memories. Page upon page of meals, vistas and long, weaving descents all set under the expanse of Tuscany skies.



☀️ Cycling to Enjoy, Not Endure ☀️


  • 8 Days | 7 Nights
  • Bed & Breakfast with Half Board Option
  • Stay in the Heart of the Chianti Wines Region
  • Visit the Piazza del Campo Siena
  • Stay in a Tuscan Castle
  • A Night in San Giminiano
  • Vast Vistas of Volterra
  • All Luggage Transfers Included
  • Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation
  • Full Support & 24h WhatsApp Virtual Guide
  • ☀️INDULGENCE Itinerary | Guarantee of Quality Accommodation


  • ACTIVITY LEVEL: Easy/Moderate
  • CYCLING PER DAY: 1h to 2hrs
  • MAXIMUM DISTANCE: 93 miles
  • TOTAL SADDLE TIME: 10hrs max
  • LONGEST LEG: 23 miles
  • AVERAGE DAY: Less than 20 miles
  • CALORIES BURNED: 3286 approx

Day by day


This is the bosom of Chianti.

Famed for its wonderful wine and a stones throw from where Monna Lisa once lived and, it is said, Leonardo Davinci visited.




Hotel Sangiovese | Panzano in Chianti ✩✩✩

"..a very quiet, charming little village. We stayed only 1 night but wish it had been a week.

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Day 2: Villa Vignamaggio and Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti is the principal town of the Chianti region and an easy, short ride from your hotel.

Every year in the unusual piazza hosts to the Chianti Classico Expo and wine festival, usually every September. CLICK HERE

The valley is dotted with history and acre upon acre of Chianti Classico vines including at the Villa Vignamaggio estate.


⭐️Greve in Chianti


18.33Km | 1h 3m Saddle Time | Difficulty: 🚴🏼‍♂


Hotel Sangiovese | Panzano in Chianti ✩✩✩

"Very kind and helpful staff (especially guy called Fabio). Clean, nice, simple rooms.

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Day 3: Serendipitous Chianti

From Panzano to Radda in Chianti is an easy ride along quiet roads.

Arrive in time for lunch in one of the many restaurants.

After lunch, drop into the valley and the side roads of Chianti towards Lecchi in Chianti and the short ride to San Sano, a village lost amongst vines and olives.

Truly a dream location and your overnight accommodation.


⭐️Radda in Chianti ⭐️Lecchi in Chianti ⭐️Chianti Views


26.61Km | 1h 23m Saddle Time | Difficulty: 🚴🏼‍♂


Hotel San San | San Sano ✩✩✩

"Fabulous. Just a wonderful experience. Beautiful views and comfortable rooms..

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Day 4: Siena

Siena awaits and your arrival is surprising!

The GPS navigates you through lefts, rights and forks in the road, there it is, the Piazza del Campo, the most famous of Italian piazzas.

Leaving Siena behind and a return to the Tuscan countryside, this time it is the turn of Monteriggioni takes you unawares!

What is this place? And your bed is in the centre of this living museum?

Oh Wow!


⭐️Siena ⭐️Piazza del Campo


37.69Km | 2h 4m Saddle Time | Difficulty: 🚴🏼‍♂🚴🏼‍♂


Hotel Monteriggioni | Monteriggioni ✩✩✩✩

"I loved this hotel so much. It has beautiful gardens with a few great pool area, amazing staff everyone is friendly and helpful. We had a stunning view

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Day 5: San Giminiano

Ride through the gate and after a few minutes throw a look back over your shoulder. Monteriggioni looks truly extraordinary!

The ride to San Giminiano through wheat fields is steady, quiet and easy.

Then cycle to the very centre of this wonderful UNESCO town and stay a night.


⭐️ Wheat fields of Tuscany ⭐️San Giminiano


37.14Km | 2h 3m Saddle Time | Difficulty: 🚴🏼‍♂🚴🏼‍♂


Hotel la Cisterna | San Giminiano ✩✩✩

"Amazingly located in heart of San Gimignano... Cute & cozy little room with spectacular view. Special big plus point for yummy breakfast with view ....

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Day 6: Vast Vistas & Long Weaving Descents

From San Giminiano to Volterra provides such memorable views. Looking back at the San Giminiano skyline and onwards with the rolling terrain and staggering views just before Voltarra.

The seemingly never ending freewheel descent before Volterra feels like a cheat and so exhilarating.

Volterra is a quiet, unassuming town with many of surprises.


⭐️Views of San Giminiano ⭐️The Longest Freewheel Descent


30Km | 1h 51m Saddle Time | Difficulty: 🚴🏼‍♂🚴🏼‍♂


Hotel San Lino | Volterra ✩✩✩✩

"Great location, clean and comfortable and a bonus having a pool. The rooms are a bit anonymous. But as former nuns' cells, perhaps they should be!

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Day 7: Volterra

The history of this extraordinary town rolls back over 28 centuries. Imagine!

The ancient Roman theatre which is incredibly intact was built around 900 years after the town was founded!

Take some time to saunter through the alleys ways, streets and undercrofts, maybe stop for a wine tasting and definitely take lunch here.

The hotel pool is very inviting too!

OPTIONAL: Take a Short Ride Loop Ride


⭐️Views of Volterra


Rest Day


Hotel San Lino | Volterra ✩✩✩✩

"Excellent this little treasure in the heart of Volterra that gives you elegance, relaxation and an excellent breakfast ... very comfortable beds !!

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Day 8: Departure

Head off to your next location ... Pisa, Firenze or Rome.


Ciao, baci e abbracci! 

Journey Map

FAQ's - Seven Tuscan Nights & Siena

“Inspired Italy exceeded our expectations providing us with a lifetime of memories of beautiful cycling scenery, fairytale medieval towns, fabulous meals, fantastic wine tours and beautiful, intimate boutique hotels.”

  1. Am I fit enough? The Seven Tuscan Nights & Siena eBike adventure requires 2 to 3 hours cycling per day. eBikes do not give you a free ride. You need to pedal. While the eBike makes things much easier, you still require a reasonable level of fitness. The fitter you are, the greater your enjoyment. The oldest person that we have had is Geoffrey who at 84 years of age. The youngest was 12 years.
  2. How busy are the roads? Italian roads tend to be much quieter than people are used to. The vast majority of your itinerary is along quiet country roads. There is one exception when descending from the Assisi. The first 3 or 4 miles (30 mins maximum) is busier.
  3. I haven't ridden a bike for a while, but I'd like to come on an eBike trip. That's fine. We strongly recommend that you put in a little time on a bike before you come. The fitter and more comfortable you are on a bike, the more you will get from your vacation.
  4. My Luggage - whats happens to it?  Each transfer day see your luggage moved by our support vehicle from one hotel to the next. We provide you with luggage labels.
  5. What should I wear? Our eBikes have a very comfortable Gel Saddle and a suspension seat post. Despite this, you might choose to wear padded cycling shorts/skirts for extra comfort. Our eBike Leaders wear padded underwear, which we think is more flexible than the padded short. You can then choose to wear this with your favourite shorts. And yes, there are ladies versions too! You do not need a whole wardrobe of special cycling clothes! A few well chosen items will help keep you cool/warm and comfortable on your eBike trip. Sun cream and a neckerchief or scarf are a very good idea.
  6. Footwear - You need a pair of shoes that are resistant to weather and have a good grip. They should also be comfortable for walking. Our eBikes do not use the cleat system.
  7. Do you provide Helmets? Yes, we provide helmets. Its included in the price.
  8. Do I have to wear a helmet? No, you don't. It is not a legal requirement to wear protective head gear. If you choose not to wear a helmet, that is entirely your own decision and choice.
  9. What is provided with the bike?
    1. Water Bottle & Holder - Each bike is equipped with a handle bar mounted water bottle holder and water bottle.
    2. A Rear View Mirror is fitted on the bike to help you keep the group together and improve safety.
    3. Pannier - each bike is fitted with a single safari pannier. There is sufficient room for wallet, cameras, sun cream etc.
    4. Wet Weather Cape - yes, it does rain, occasionally. We provide a high-quality bike cape for each rider.
    5. Battery Charger - each bike has a battery charger.
    6. Power Adapter - to make charging easier.
    7. Spare Inner Tube - we don't expect you to fix punctures. We provide a replacement inner tube.
    8. Pump - you have a small, portable pump for road side emergencies. Each hotel keeps a large air pump.
    9. Hi-Visibility Jacket - in case of road side maintenance, we provide you with a Hi-Vis jacket.
  10. The Bike Leader also carries...
    1. BOSCH Nyon GPS | Tool Kit | Basic First Aid Kit
  11. What should I carry with me?
    1. Passport
    2. Insurance Documentation
    3. Cash for the day
    4. Credit/Debit Cards
    5. Change of clothing to anticipate changes in weather
  12. What is the best time of year to take an eBike Safari? Great question. We have written a whole piece on this - CLICK HERE

Seven Tuscan Nights & Siena - First Test Ride

At Inspired ITALY, we try everything before we let our guests anywhere near the finish experience. Here is a short video of our very first test ride [June 2019].

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