Italy 17:29 – 19 September 2020

Fragrance & Flavours of Tuscany

Tuscany Bike Tours Self Guided Cycle Touring by Inspired ITALY

eBikes are made for Tuscany. Its 92% hills.

Tuscany Cycle Tours to be Enjoyed, Not Endured

A 7-night electric bike tour of Tuscany, cycling the less travelled, quieter roads, staying in castles, vineyards and villas with the occasional drop of Vino Nobile, Brunello or Chianti Classico to ease your wheels.

eBikes are made for Tuscany. Its 92% hills. Enjoy an easy Tuscany cycling Trip rather than Endure.


- 5 Night Itinerary Available -

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  • Itinerary Shown is 8 Day | 7 Night
  • An e Bike Experience in Italy
  • Classic Tuscan Scenery
  • Stay in a Castle & a classical Tuscan Villa
  • Super Tuscan Wines: Montepulciano - Montalcino - Chianti
  • Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation
  • Smaller, Family-Run Hotels & Country Houses
  • 5 Night itinerary available
  • ✤INDULGENCE itinerary | Guarantee of Quality Accommodation✤


  • ACTIVITY LEVEL: Easy/Moderate
  • AVERAGE SADDLE TIME: 2h 8m per day
  • MINIMUM DISTANCE: 120 miles (1 rest day)
  • TOTAL SADDLE TIME: 10h 39m
  • REST DAYS: 1 - San Quirico
  • CALORIES BURNED 4000 approx
  • Upgrade this eBike Tour ...  'GUIDED'

Day by day

92% of Tuscany is hilly!

With your ebike and luggage transferred to your next destination, you travel light, each and every day, leaving you free to think only of the matter in hand.

Cycling to be Enjoyed, not endured!




Day 1: Arrival

Disappear deep into the Tuscany countryside, to discover a little piece of 'la dolce vita,' a much over used term, but oh so applicable to Villa di Piazzano.

It all begins with the cypress lined drive. Every Tuscany bike tour should begin and end this way.



★Villa di Piazzano ★Under the Tuscan Sunset


Swimming Pool - 1


Villa di Piazzano, Cortona, Italy

The perfect place to ease into your Tuscany Bike Tour

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Day 2: From Cortona to Montefollonico

The undemanding cycling of the Chiana valley melds into the gentle rurality of Montepulciano where the vine strewn terrain rises and falls. In my honest opinion, no Tuscany bike tour is complete without a taste of the Vino Nobile at Cantine Innocenti in Montefollonico. If you enjoy Sig. Innocenti’s wine, you could do worse than have dinner in Ristorante Osteria La Botte Piena and perhaps another bottle.


★Montefollonico ★Valdichiana


Miles: 23 | Saddle Time: 2h 5m | Difficulty: 🚲


La Chiusa Hotel & Restaurant, Montefollonico

La Chiusa is just a few steps from the edge of this wonderful medieval town

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Day 3: From Montefollonico to San Quirico d’Orcia

A bike ride along typical Tuscan ridges with panorama vistas and drop by local villages like Petroio and Castelmuzio.

The Monastery of Santa Anna in Camprena is a must see. The English Patient was filmed here


★Visits to Petroio & Castelmuzio ★Monastery of Santa Anna in Camprena


Miles: 18 | Saddle Time: 1h 38m | Difficulty: 🚲


Palazzo del Capitano, San Quirico d’Orcia

Palazzo del Capitano with wellness, spa & gardens. San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany

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Day 4: To Bagno Vignoni, Montalcino & San Quirico d'Orcia

Take a Rest Day or...

... enjoy the recommended adventure - a stunning 44 mile ride through the Val d'Orcia.

The views as you cycle from San Quirico, are just devastating.

Around these parts is where they filmed scenes from Gladiator. Stop at the spa village of Bagno Vignoni, for coffee. Then ride and roll through this classic Tuscan countryside towards Montalcino.



★Bagno Vignoni ★Views of Val d'Orcia ★Montalcino


Miles: 44 | Saddle Time: 3h 29m | Difficulty: 🚲🚲


Villa del Capitano, San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany

The sweeping views across the Val d'Orica - classic Tuscan terrain

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Day 5: From San Quirico d’Orcia to Castello di Leonina

Ease into your day with a long, steady cycle ride down-hill.

A gentle days cycling through a gradually changing countryside. Leaving the rolling beauty of the Val d'Orcia for the dramatic Crete Senesi - the clays of Siena.

Stop in Asciano for lunch - a pizza from the wood fired oven, maybe!


★Crete Senesi ★Asciano ★Castello di Leonina


Miles: 28 | Saddle Time: 2h 29m | Difficulty: 🚲


Castello di Leonina, Asicano, Tuscany

Pull up a chair and watch the Tuscan sun sink behind Siena from one of the best vantage points in Tuscany

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Day 6: From Castello di Leonina to Lucignano

Leave the behind the Crete Sinesi and enter the oak lined byways of southern Chianti. Today is just a lovely quiet bike ride through quiet countryside to Lucignano, an extraordinary place.

Should time and pace permit, do consider a late lunch in Lucignano as opposed to our recommended stop en route. There is an unspoilt, historical and an unusual atmosphere here.


★Quiet Country Road


Miles: 30 | Saddle Time: 2h 41m | Difficulty: 🚲


Le Caselle Ristorante Il Baraccotto, Lucignano

Simplicity and beautifully presented.

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Day 7: From Lucignano to Cortona

Returning to valley of Chiana, you’ll soon spot Cortona glinting away on the far hillside. It isn’t far and the cycling is a breeze. I’d recommend the extra effort and push up to Cortona itself and enjoy lunch there.


★Freewheeling ★Views of Cortona ★Valdichiana


Miles: 21 | Saddle Time: 1h 46m | Difficulty: 🚲


Villa di Piazzano, Cortona, Italy

Slip off the padded shorts and into your Speedos, for the pool awaits! Maybe spend the evening in Cortona?

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Day 8: Departure Day

Your final morning. Take breakfast by the pool and maybe take a cappuccino in Cortona before departing!


★ Breakfast on the terrace

Journey Map

“Out of interest, Christian and I rode our ordinary bikes up to Castel Rigone a few days later. The difference was astonishing: I felt the hill would never end”

Deborah Maby, UK. Umbria eBike Tour

“Writing [the Google review] pulled on my heartstrings and made me want to do it all over again.”

Marion Clare Williams, USA - Umbria eBike Safari

“Fantastic way to bike-ride in Italy without worrying about the hills  ”

Mark Dale, UK. Guided Umbria & Tuscany eBike Tour

Best Bits

  • Wonderful accommodation - Castles, Villas & Vineyards
  • Quiet Country Roads
  • Val d'Orcia | Crete Sinesi | Chianti
  • Truly Outstanding Scenery
  • electric Bike Tour in Tuscany

Fragrance & Flavours of Tuscany FAQ's

“Cycling to be Enjoyed, Not Endured”

Here, we try to cover some of the more often asked questions ...

  1. Am I fit enough? Fragrance & Flavours of Tuscany bike tour requires just over 2hrs  cycling per day. eBikes do not give you a free ride. You need to pedal. While the eBike makes things much easier, you still require a reasonable level of fitness. The fitter you are, the greater your enjoyment. The oldest person that we have had is Geoffrey who at 84 years of age. The youngest was 12 years.
  2. How busy are the roads? Italian roads tend to be much quieter than people are used to. The vast majority of your itinerary is along quiet country roads. There is one exception - on day 3 [optional ride] the final 4Km or so is on a wide, fast road with wide hard shoulder.
  3. I haven't ridden a bike for a while, but I'd like to come on an eBike trip. That's fine. We strongly recommend that you put in a little time on a bike before you come. The fitter and more comfortable you are on a bike, the more you will get from your vacation. In fact comfort is the main thing - get used to sitting on a bike!
  4. My Luggage - whats happens to it?  Each transfer day see your luggage moved by our support vehicle from one hotel to the next. We provide you with luggage labels.
  5. What should I wear? Our eBikes have a very comfortable Gel Saddle and a suspension seat post. Despite this, you might choose to wear padded cycling shorts/skirts for extra comfort. Our eBike Leaders wear padded underwear, which we think is more flexible than the padded short. You can then choose to wear this with your favourite shorts. And yes, there are ladies versions too! You do not need a whole wardrobe of special cycling clothes! A few well chosen items will help keep you cool/warm and comfortable on your eBike trip. Sun cream and a neckerchief or scarf are a very good idea.
  6. Footwear - You need a pair of shoes that are resistant to weather and have a good grip. They should also be comfortable for walking. Our eBikes do not use the cleat system.
  7. Do you provide Helmets? Yes, we provide helmets. Its included in the price.
  8. Do I have to wear a helmet? No, you don't. It is not a legal requirement to wear protective head gear. If you choose not to wear a helmet, that is entirely your own decision and choice.
  9. What is provided with the bike?
    •  - Water Bottle & Holder - Each bike is equipped with a handle bar mounted water bottle holder and water bottle.
    •  - A Rear View Mirror is fitted on the bike to help you keep the group together and improve safety.
    •  - Pannier - each bike is fitted with a single safari pannier. There is sufficient room for wallet, cameras, sun cream etc.
    •  - Wet Weather Cape - yes, it does rain, occasionally. We provide a high-quality bike cape for each rider.
    •  - Battery Charger - each bike has a battery charger.
    •  - Power Adapter - to make charging easier.
    •  - Spare Inner Tube - we don't expect you to fix punctures. We provide a replacement inner tube.
    •  - Pump - you have a small, portable pump for road side emergencies. Each hotel keeps a large air pump.
    •  - Hi-Visibility Jacket - in case of road side maintenance, we provide you with a Hi-Vis jacket.
    •  - Security Cable - to lock your bike.
  10. Your Guide also carries...
    •  - BOSCH Nyon GPS
    •  - Tool Kit
    •  - Basic First Aid Kit
  11. What should I carry with me?
    •  - Passport
    •  - Insurance Documentation
    •  - Cash for the day
    •  - Credit/Debit Cards
    •  - Change of clothing to anticipate changes in weather
  12.  What is the best time of year to take an eBike Safari? Great question. We have written a whole piece on this - CLICK HERE


$1,763 per person

Your adventure includes:

Your adventure includes:

  • 8 Days | 7 Nights [ 5 night itinerary available ]
  • Bed & Breakfast | Half Board Option
  • Indulgence Accommodation | Guarantee of Quality | See Itinerary for full details | Villas & Castles
  • Welcome Drinks, Briefing, Bike Set-Up
  • BOSCH Nyon GPS | Simple, Easy-to-Use Turn-by-Turn Guidance
  • Start & Finish | Cortona, Tuscany
  • On-Tour Luggage Transfer
  • Customised Inspired Raleigh Electric Trekking Bike
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Guide Support & Emergency Support

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