Italy 20:06 – 29 September 2020

Villages of the Upper Tiber Valley

Self Guided Ride Along the Tiber Valley | Easy Cycling

NEW | Visit the Villages of the Upper Tiber Valley

Beautiful Villages of the Valtiberina

The river Tiber rises from Mount Fumaiolo on the Tuscany border and flows on through Umbria, eventually reaching Rome and the Tirreno Sea. Your ride follows the Upper Tiber Valley from Sansepolcro, Tuscany, south along the Valtiberina, to Perugia where you veer to Assisi and beyond to the fabled wine country of Montefalco, described by Forbes as one of the 5 Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Italy



● Cycling to be Enjoyed, Not Endured

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  • 8 Days & 7 Nights | B&B with Half Board option
  • Self Guided | Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation BOSCH NYON
  • All Luggage Transfers
  • Cycles Tracks & Quiet Country Roads
  • The Upper Tiber Valley through Tuscany & Umbria
  • Sansepolcro | Citta di Castello | Montone | Assisi | Bevagna | Montefalco
  • 🍷Wine Tasting & Ride in Montefalco 🍇
  • Memorable Meals including Chef Giancarlo Polito
  • 5 or 4 Cycle Days | 2 Optional Rides
  • WhatsApp Virtual Guide & 24/7 Support
  • ✤ INDULGENCE Itinerary | Guarantee of Quality Accommodation ✤


  • AVERAGE CYCLING PER DAY: 1h 40m | Less than 21 miles
  • MINIMUM DISTANCE: 83 miles
  • LONGEST LEG: 34 miles
  • OPTIONAL REST DAYS: Sansepolcro & Montefalco
  • CALORIES BURNED: 2,472 approx


Day by day

The off-the-radar Tuscan town of Sansepolcro lies some 90 or so minutes south-east of Florence.

Tangibly Tuscan, yet largely undiscovered. Which is surprising for among the streets are valued treasures. The ‘Resurrection’ by Piero della Francesca is described by English writer Aldous Huxley as "the greatest painting in the world”.

It is here that you start your ride through the Villages of the Upper Tiber Valley.



Day 1: Arrival

An easy 3 kilometre drive from Sansepolcro lies Relais Palazzo Di Luglio. Giuliano, the owner and his friendly staff will welcome you.

The commanding views of the Tiber Valley stretch away before you providing some sense of your wonderful ride ahead.


⭐️Relais Palazzo Di Luglio ⭐️Views of the Upper Tiber Valley


Relais Palazzo Di Luglio | Sansepolcro ✩✩✩✩

"Beautiful setting, fabulous buildings and grounds ... Authentic Tuscany

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Day 2: A Lakeside Ride

Your journey begins with a wondrous ride around Lago di Montedoglio, a man-made lake and the power behind the Tiber.

The landscape with its pines and greenery evoke senses of Switzerland while the lakeside ride offers quiet roads and unexpected vistas.

TOP TIP: Take a picnic lunch!


⭐️Lago di Montedoglio


Miles 24.4 | Saddle Time: 2hrs 13min | Difficulty: 🚲


Relais Palazzo Di Luglio | Sansepolcro ✩✩✩✩

An absolute must! If you are staying in the area then this is the hotel is the place to stay. Although out of town it has amazing views of the local scenery. Nothing is to much trouble for the owners and staff, they really are first class.

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Day 3: South Along the Tiber

From Sansepolcro, head south following the course of the Tiber along the cycle path and drop by Citta di Castello for lunch.

The afternoon has you returning to the banks of the Tiber and the cycle track.

Aided by your e-assist, take your time to ascend to Montone and be sure to take look back along the Tiber valley.

Montone is a great Umbrian secret! At its very heart is La Locanda del Capitano, a 10 bed hotel with an extra ordinary kitchen.


⭐️The Banks of the Tiber ⭐️Citta di Castello ⭐️Montone


Miles 34.5 | Saddle Time: 3hrs 6min | Difficulty: 🚲


La Locanda del Capitano | Montone ✩✩✩

"A beautiful relaxing location and lovely staff. Good size room and bathroom with everything we needed

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Day 4: Rural Italy

Start your day with an invigorating 4½ mile spin back into the valley and a return to the banks of the Tiber through the regional town of Umbertide.

Rural Italy lies before you today, with crops of sunflowers, fruit, tobacco and wheat fields flanking the roadsides all the way to Assisi a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.


⭐️Freewheeling from Montone ⭐️Quiet Riverside Ride ⭐️Arrival at Assisi


Miles 33 | Saddle Time: 2hrs 58min | Difficulty: 🚲


Hotel la Terrazza | Assisi ✩✩✩

"Wonderful welcoming hotel. We had a poolside room which was so comfortable, clean and quiet. A dip in the pool in the moonlight is just magical...

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Day 5: Enjoy Assisi

An out of the saddle day spent wandering the streets and history of Assisi, a town that surprises many first time visitors.

The World’s City of Peace conveys a unique aura. Maybe it is the pilgrims, but there is spirituality here.

Enjoy your day!




Rest Day


Hotel la Terrazza | Assisi ✩✩✩

My husband and I enjoyed our stay at this very lovely property. Pride of ownership shows both outdoors and indoors. Had two terrific dinners in the dining room ...

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Day 6: Secret Villages of Umbria: Bevagna & Montefalco

From Assisi, freewheel into the valley and enjoy your ride along the banks of the Topino river, a tributary to the Tiber.

A stop over for lunch at the stunning riverside town of Bevagna, yet another well kept Umbrian secret.

A short afternoon ride to Montefalco and the wonderful Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel & Spa located in the central piazza.

What a wonderful sight!


⭐️Quiet Riverside Ride ⭐️Bevagna ⭐️Montefalco


Miles 16 | Saddle Time: 1hrs 27min | Difficulty: 🚲


Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel | Montefalco ✩✩✩✩

"Amazing hotel and views from the windows are like a Renaissance painting. Restaurant is good too. This little village is a hidden jewel.

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Day 7: The Sagrantino Wine Loop

The Wine Loop or take it easy in the piazza.

Those who choose to mount their steeds will find a visit to the following vineyards, truly enthralling - Montioni Frantoio & Cantina, Cantina Colle Mora, Cantina Colle Ciocco, Antonelli San Marco and Perticaia, all within 10 or so miles!

Return to the bosom of the Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel & Spa for an evening of relaxation and watch the sunlight dissolve across this wonderful piazza.


⭐️🍷🍇 🍷🍇 🍷🍇 🍷🍇


Miles 10 | Saddle Time: 48min | Difficulty: 🚲/ 🍷


Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel | Montefalco ✩✩✩✩

"We were wandering around the town and came across the piazza. A wedding party arrived. We were desperate for a late-morning coffee. Standing outside this beautifully appointed hotel and spa when the young waiter invited us to sit and sample his coffee. It was a most enjoyable experience. One can only imagine what it must be like to stay in this special place.

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That's it then!

It's all over baring a fabulous final breakfast and a longing last look across the piazza and the Umbria countryside!

BaciAbbracci, Saluti e Arrivederci !!!

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“What an amazing holiday! From someone who hadn’t been on a bike for years and was a bit nervous about the week it way surpassed my expectations! E bikes are the way to go!”

Hazel Dunmore

“My wife and I wanted a holiday with a difference and a bit of an adventure - and that's what we got. From start to finish the management, arrangements and attention to detail for this e-cycling holiday were excellent.”

Ashely Blackett

“Got to our destination early to find our luggage already in our room. That set the tone of the adventure. Seamless logistics happening in the background.”

John H, Zimbabwe

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  • Historical Rural Italy
  • Cycle Paths & Quiet Country Roads
  • Easy Cycling
  • Vine Country & Wine Tastings
  • The Best Cuisine in Italy

FAQ's - Villages of the Upper Tiber Valley

“..with the marvellous e bike I needn’t have worried. I am 60 years old, not a cyclist and fairly fit, though not mega fit”


✴️ REVIEWS  ✴️


Here, we try to cover some of the more often asked questions ...

  1. Am I fit enough? The Villages of the Upper Tiber Valley eBike soft adventure requires 1 to 2 hours cycling per day. eBikes do not give you a free ride. You need to pedal. While the eBike makes things much easier, you still require a reasonable level of fitness. The fitter you are, the greater your enjoyment. The oldest person that we have had is Geoffrey who at 84 years of age. The youngest was 12 years.
  2. How busy are the roads? Italian roads tend to be much quieter than people are used to. The vast majority of your itinerary is along quiet country roads. There is one exception - crossing the Assisi valley. The first 3 or 4 miles (30 mins maximum) is through a small town.
  3. I haven't ridden a bike for a while, but I'd like to come on an eBike trip. That's fine. We strongly recommend that you put in a little time on a bike before you come. The fitter and more comfortable you are on a bike, the more you will get from your vacation.
  4. My Luggage - whats happens to it?  Each transfer day sees your luggage moved by our support vehicle from one hotel to the next. We provide you with luggage labels.
  5. What should I wear? Our eBikes have a very comfortable Gel Saddle and a suspension seat post. Despite this, you might choose to wear padded cycling shorts/skirts for extra comfort. Our eBike Leaders wear padded underwear, which we think is more flexible than the padded short. You can then choose to wear this with your favourite shorts. And yes, there are ladies versions too! You do not need a whole wardrobe of special cycling clothes! A few well-chosen items will help keep you cool/warm and comfortable on your eBike trip. Sun cream and a neckerchief or scarf are a very good idea.
  6. Footwear - You need a pair of shoes that are resistant to weather and have a good grip. They should also be comfortable for walking. Our eBikes do not use the cleat system.
  7. Do you provide Helmets? Yes, we provide helmets. Its included in the price.
  8. Do I have to wear a helmet? No, you don't. It is not a legal requirement to wear protective headgear. If you choose not to wear a helmet, that is entirely your own decision and choice.
  9. What is provided with the bike?
    •  - Water Bottle & Holder - Each bike is equipped with a handlebar-mounted water bottle holder and water bottle.
    •  - Rear View Mirror is fitted on the bike to help you keep the group together and improve safety.
    •  - Pannier - each bike is fitted with a single safari pannier. There is sufficient room for wallet, cameras, sun cream etc.
    •  - Wet Weather Cape - yes, it does rain, occasionally. We provide a high-quality bike cape for each rider.
    •  - Battery Charger - each bike has a battery charger.
    •  - Power Adapter - to make charging easier.
    •  - Spare Inner Tube - we don't expect you to fix punctures. We provide a replacement inner tube.
    •  - Pump - you have a small, portable pump for roadside emergencies. Each hotel keeps a large air pump.
    •  - Hi-Visibility Jacket - in case of roadside maintenance, we provide you with a Hi-Vis jacket.
    •  - Security Cable - to lock your bike.
  10. The Lead Guest also carries...
    •  - BOSCH Nyon GPS
    •  - Tool Kit
    •  - Basic First Aid Kit
  11. What should I carry with me?
    •  - Passport
    •  - Insurance Documentation
    •  - Cash for the day
    •  - Credit/Debit Cards
    •  - Change of clothing to anticipate changes in weather
  12.  What is the best time of year to take an eBike Safari? Great question. We have written a whole piece on this - CLICK HERE


$1,647 per person

Your adventure includes:

Your adventure includes:

  • 8 Days | 7 Nights [5 night itinerary available]
  • Bed & Breakfast | Half Board Option
  • Indulgence Accommodation | Guarantee of Quality | See Itinerary for full details
  • Smaller, Family-Run Hotels & Country Houses, providing an authentic experience
  • Welcome | Briefing | Bike Set-Up
  • Easy-to-Use Turn-by-Turn BOSCH Nyon GPS Guidance
  • START: Sansepolcro, Tuscany | FINISH: Montefalco, Umbria
  • Sansepolcro | Citta di Castello | Montone | Assisi | Bevagna | Montefalco
  • Rest Day in Assisi
  • On-Tour Luggage Transfer
  • Customised Inspired Raleigh Electric Trekking Bike
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Guide Support & Emergency Support
  • Easy Cycling
  • ✤ INDULGENCE Itinerary | Guarantee of Quality Accommodation ✤

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