Italy 17:28 – 15 August 2022

eBike Trips through Tuscany & Umbria

Umbria for Wine Lovers🍷🍇

Explore & Delight in Umbria's Rural WineriesFULLY GUIDED
  • • â˜€ï¸ 6 Days | 7 Nights or 4 Days | 5 Nights
  • • ðŸ‡ Umbria's Best Wine Tours & Tastings by Bike
  • • Easy Cycling
  • • From $3,296 per person

Tuscany for Wine Lovers: Terroir of Tuscany🍷🍇

Chianti | Brunello | Vino Nobile & more...FULLY GUIDED
  • • â­ï¸ Sunday Times Best Cycling Breaks
  • • 7 Nights
  • • From $3,596 per person

Villages of the Upper Tiber Valley

Sansepolcro | Montone | Assisi | MontefalcoFULLY GUIDED
  • • â­ï¸ NEW
  • • 7 NIGHT Itinerary
  • • From $2,387 per person

Umbria for Food & Wine Lovers: Our Umbria 🍷🍝

Niccone Valley | Montone | Gubbio | AssisiFULLY GUIDED
  • • â­ï¸ MOST POPULAR
  • • 7 or 5 Nights
  • • EASY CYLING with a few short moderate sections
  • • ðŸ·Tastings & 🍝 Cooking Lesson
  • • From $3,347 per person

The Day I Saw Siena

Chianti | Siena | San Gimignano | VolterraFULLY GUIDED
  • • EASY CYCLING with some short moderate sections
  • • 7 Nights
  • • From $3,296 per person

Once Upon a Time

An Exceptional Place to StaySINGLE CENTRE | SELF GUIDED
  • • 3, 4 or 5 Nights
  • • Umbria & Tuscany
  • • Short Stay | Tuscany Bike Trips
  • • Average hours of activity: 2h to 3h
  • • Prices from $1,187 per person

Walk Ride Swim

An Active Holiday in Rural ItalySINGLE CENTRE | SELF GUIDED
  • • 3, 5 or 7 Nights
  • • Umbria & Tuscany
  • • Set your Own Pace
  • • Prices from $467 per person

Road Cycling in Italy for the Middle Aged Cyclist

Great Rides for Your ❤️COACH & GUIDE
  • • For the Moderate Midlife Cyclist
  • • ðŸ‡ðŸ˜Ž Tuscany & Umbria
  • • Understand your FTP 💪
  • • Learn about Smart Trainers ⚙️
  • • ðŸ™‹â€â™€ï¸ Bring Your Non-Cycling Partner
  • • From $2,236 per person

The Leonard Lee 🚴‍♂️ Italy Week

Cycle with the Jolly Good VeloCOACH & GUIDE
  • • Social Cycling & Fully Guided Rides
  • • Explore Italy's Best Cycling with Leonard
  • • 8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Rides
  • • Max 10 Cycling Guests
  • • From $2,486 per person

GIROe: Grand Tour of Tuscany

Chianti | Val d'Orcia | MontepulcianoFULLY GUIDED
  • • â˜€ï¸ 8 Days | 6 Stages | 7 Nights 🆕
  • • Tuscany's Best Cycling Terroir on a Carbon Road Bike
  • • See it on YouTube
  • • From $2,957 per person

The Luis Scott 🚴‍♂️ Italy Week

Inform, Instruct & InspireCOACH & GUIDE
  • • Social Cycling & Fully Guided Rides
  • • Explore Italy's Best Cycling with Luis
  • • 8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Rides
  • • Max 10 Cycling Guests
  • • From $2,486 per person

The Italian Road Bike Experience

Home of the GranfondoDAILY GUIDED
  • • Birth Place of Marco Pantani
  • • Easy to Expert Cycling
  • • 5 or 7 Nights
  • • From $2,500 per person

A Cycling Master Class with Alessandro Vanotti

Coaching for Cyclists Over 50COACH & GUIDE
  • • ðŸš´â€â™‚️Spring Cycle Training Camp
  • • ðŸ‡Tuscany & Umbria
  • • The most interesting cycling holiday you have ever discovered
  • • ðŸ™‹â€â™€ï¸Non-Cycling Partner Program available
  • • ðŸ”´BOOK NOW | 10 Places Available

Electric bikes are for softies?

Christian Wolmar, the UK's leading transport correspondent tried an Inspired ITALY eBike through rural Umbria

Or at least that is what I thought.

I am a hardened middle aged cyclist, who does around 70 miles per week commuting around London and happily attacks the Italian Umbrian hills on my summer breaks. So when I was persuaded to try an electric bike by Tim Hudson of Inspired ITALY, who have developed a new business based on week-long cycling holiday tours in Italy around Umbria and Tuscany on electric bikes, I was a bit dismissive of the idea.


Why bother?

Why bother with this electric stuff, when I am still fit enough to hammer up a hill on a road bike?

But of course I was wrong. The first thing to point out is that the Raleigh Motus Trekking electric bikes that Inspired ITALY uses do not give you a free ride. They boost your efforts, but do not entirely replace them.

And the key point is that it is up to the rider to determine how much assistance they want from the bike, as there are four settings ranging from Eco to Turbo. Of course, one can even turn off the whole Bosch made electric assist paraphernalia but that leaves a rather heavy bike to ride.

There are two big differences that the electric bike makes.


Cycle Pretty Much Everywhere

First, it enables even a moderately fit person to cycle pretty much everywhere. On our day out in the Umbrian hills, we went up some fairly steep sections which, even given my high level of fitness, I struggle up at the best of times. Now they proved to be easy or – because I did not choose the highest setting – required only a bit of effort to climb. And because the effort is so much less, one can spend time appreciating the splendour of the countryside. Bikes always enable their riders to be ‘at one’ with the environment and these electric bikes, by removing the really hard effort normally required, allow one to progress through difficult terrain while still enjoying the trip.


Far Greater Range

Secondly, of course, the bikes enable a far greater extended range. The effort of cycling in the hills on a normal bike limits the potential to cover a whole region in anything less than a couple of weeks or more. Thanks to being able to saunter up the hills – and the bikes really do allow this – day trips of 40 or 50 miles are not onerous. And if one is tiring, one can put the bike on the maximum setting, which really requires very little effort even on hills.


Quietly Exercised without the Stress

Therefore we spent a day climbing half a dozen hills, visiting a remote restaurant and coasting down several long gentle slopes. And thanks to the effort needed to keep going, one never gets cold and, at the end of the day, one feels quietly exercised without the stresses and strains of a hard day’s cycling.


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