Italy 17:37 – 19 September 2020

Guided Bike Tours through Rural Italy

GIROe: Grand Tour of Tuscany

You & the Legs of a ProTUSCANY | ROAD BIKE
  • • 7 or 5 Nights
  • • Indulgence Accommodation
  • • Always have the wind with you...
  • • Average hours of activity: 3 / 4
  • • Prices from $1,930 per person

Cycling for Solos

Chianti | Val d'Orcia | Assisi | Gubbio | Siena | San GiminianoFULLY GUIDED for Solo's
  • • 5 or 7 Nights
  • • Indulgence Guided
  • • ⭐️Recommended by The Sunday Telegraph
  • • Average hours of activity: 2h to 3h
  • • Prices from $1,821 per person

Terroir of Tuscany

Cortona | Val d'Orica | Montalcino | Crete Sienesi | Chianti TUSCANY | Guided
  • • 7 Nights
  • • Indulgence Guided
  • • ⭐️ Sunday Times Best Cycling Breaks
  • • Average hours of activity: 2h 41m
  • • Prices from $3,580 per person

The Day I Saw Siena

Chianti | Siena | San Gimignano | VolterraTUSCANY | Guided
  • • 7 Nights
  • • Indulgence Guided
  • • Wine & Food Lovers 🍷 🍇 🍝
  • • Average hours of activity: 1h 42m
  • • Prices from $2,495 per person

Our Umbria e-Bike Safari

Niccone Valley | Montone | Gubbio | AssisiUMBRIA | Guided
  • • 7 or 5 Nights
  • • Indulgence Guided
  • • Average hours of activity: 2h 52m
  • • Prices from $2,287 per person

Why Should I Go Guided?

Guided Bike Tours Get You Closer to Everything. You will always see the beautiful scenery and with a guide, you'll see and feel the history, the culture and the very pulse of rural Italy.

Your Inspired ITALY guide lives here.

They know and understand the local area not as a bike guide but as a part of the culture, function and existence. Being an ex-pat gives a unique perspective on life and a wonderful filter through which you, our guest get much closer to Umbria and Tuscany.

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A Letter From Nigel Vaughen …

Just wanted to let you know that we had an excellently enjoyable e-Bike tour with Inspired ITALY and to provide you with some feedback.

Wonderful Itinerary

The tour is very well planned and organised in all respects: the route which largely is on quiet roads through the absolutely beautiful countryside; the villages/towns that we visited which gave us real insights into rural Italian life in this region of Italy; the mix of hotels, all comfortable and family-run; and, of course, the very good wine and food.

The itinerary is perfect, including the rest day in the very interesting and worthwhile Assisi.

e-Bikes are Brilliant

The e-bikes are brilliant, very well-engineered, and what I really enjoyed is that you can select to give yourself as much physical challenge as you want, but, with e-assistance, you can climb significant inclines for long distances which only expert and extremely fit cyclists would otherwise manage.

Guided versus the Self-Guided

I thought I would also add a comment about the guided versus the self-guided decision. We were very uncertain whether to opt for the guided or the self-guided, but having opted for the guided tour we now realise that there are some significant advantages, which are not that clear from your information.

The Advantages Of a Guided Bike Tour Are:


– Tim, our guide, knows various interesting small paths and “white roads” which you would never find on a self-guided tour, which adds interest.

– Potential difficulties with navigation are removed and should there be a mechanical issue with a bike, expert help is immediately on hand.

– All the decisions are made for you – the details of the route, where to eat and have coffee, and even advice on exactly what to choose to eat, so it is all very easy on the brain!

– Tim’s local knowledge and stories add a dimension that you would not otherwise get.

– Tim’s easy-going personality also made for a very enjoyable holiday.

So, all in all, this is a great experience!

Our best wishes and great thanks.

Nigel and Alwyn Vaughan


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