Italy 17:33 – 30 November 2022

Terms of Use


The prices published on our website are indicative. Working with you, we will build a specific and detailed price proposal for you and your group to include services, experiences and other activities that you may wish to include as part of your vacation.

All stated prices are cash prices based on British pounds sterling ‘GBP’ and 'Euro' as indicated. We request payments are made in pounds sterling or Euro, however, we will accept payment in US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.

Inspired Italy partners with the various hotels, country houses and apartment owners including Alpina Dolomites Hotel, Gardena Grodnerhof Hotel and the Tirler Living Hotel where we act as the booking agent. We will manage your booking and make all necessary arrangements. In these cases, payment terms and conditions will vary from accommodation to accommodation and your contract will be with the hotel directly. We will make you fully aware of these at the time of your reservation.

In the case of all catered and self catered bookings, your contract will be with the property owner.

Accidents do happen but please take reasonable care of the Property and its contents; basically leave it as you found it.  If you do break or damage anything, please let us know so that we can remedy it for you or at least for the next guest.

Whilst we do not take a formal security deposit we do reserve the right to charge you for additional costs incurred due to repair, replacement or loss as a result of damage caused during your stay. These charges can include but are not limited to: costs for excessive cleaning required if the property is not left as you found it, costs for repair or replacement due to damage caused, costs for what is considered by the owners as unreasonable use of utilities such as electricity based on their experience of previous seasons. Every effort is made to minimise errors, but they do sometimes, occur. We reserve the right to correct any error in advertised and/or confirmed prices.


Booking, Confirmation and Payment

We aim to make reserving an Inspired Italy vacation experience a positive event.

You can reserve your vacation at anytime – hours, days, months even a year in advance, so long as we have availability!

When making your reservation more than 8 weeks in advance, we request 30% of the full cost of the stay as a non-refundable deposit, the balance is due 8 weeks prior to the stay, also non-refundable.  At the due date, we will remind you that the balance is due, but if we do not receive the balance within seven days of the due date, your reservation is automatically cancelled.

If you are booking within 8 weeks of your stay we request 100% of the cost of the stay as a non-refundable payment.

By making a full or deposit payment you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer. Any charges relating to the payment must be met by you.

Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account as we will need to pass on to you any bank charges for refused payments. Once we have received your payment in cleared funds, we will then send you confirmation of your reservation and ask that you inform us (within 7 days) if any details are incorrect.

If you want to add a service or experience at a later stage, please get in touch.

Certain areas of the Dolomite Superski area are subject to a local tourist tax. Clients may be requested to pay this on departure from each accommodation. The tourist tax is not included in our pricing. The tax varies depending upon area and style of accommodation but is typically a couple of Euros per day or less.


Cancellation, changing your reservation & Insurance

We understand that certain circumstances may force you to cancel or amend your reservation. We aim to make this easy too.

If you cancel more than 8 weeks before your vacation, the deposit is non-refundable and for cancellations within 8 weeks of your stay, the full payment is non-refundable.

Please let us know as soon as possible that you wish to cancel so that we can make every effort to contact others who may be interested in the experience, villa for those dates.

To cancel, you can contact us by any means convenient to you. We will confirm your cancellation in writing ( email ).

If you use email or post to inform us of a cancellation and you don’t hear from us within 3 days, please get in touch again in case of technical difficulties. The cancellation is only valid, once confirmed by us in writing.

Should we successfully re-book your holiday as a whole or part of your intended stay, we will refund the relevant proportion of your payment less an administration fee of £300.

If you have booked additional services, then we will refund 50% of the cost, so long as the cancellation is more than 4 weeks before your stay.

If you need to change the date of your stay, every effort is made to accommodate your wishes; dates can be amended up to 8 weeks before your stay for a charge of £300 and subject to availability. Within 8 weeks of your stay this will be treated as a cancellation (see points above).

For eBike and Ski Vacations – Insurance. It is a condition of Inspired Italy that each guest is adequately insured against any eventuality and by making the full and final payment it will be assumed that this insurance fully covers all financial aspects associated with medical expenses, personal luggage, personal accident, personal liability, theft, accidental loss or damage of or to property, cancellation of booking, legal expenses and any sort of emergency.

You must provide yourselves with adequate insurance that it is appropriate to your own country of residence or domicile and which is effective from the moment you make a booking.

As of 1st January 2022, it is a legal requirement that all skiers have third party insurance cover. It is your responsibility to meet this requirement.

In extreme circumstances beyond our control (known as force majeure and which includes the type of events for example such as natural disasters causing flooding or fire) we may be forced to offer you an alternative experience or property or even cancel completely. Once your reservation is confirmed we make every possible effort to meet and surpass your expectation and to provide you with the Inspired experience that you have booked.


Alteration’s and cancellation by inspired Italy

In the unlikely event that any alteration is made by Inspired Italy which is deemed to be significant (for example, a change of booking date), you have the right to cancel the holiday and receive a full refund of monies already paid. Inspired Italy shall not be liable for any refund should we be forced to cancel or change your holiday due to circumstances amounting to Force Majeure. Such circumstances shall include, but are not limited to: war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorism, industrial disruption, natural disasters, fire, technical problems, adverse weather, governmental action, government travel restrictions due to health reasons and similar events beyond our control.


eBike Vacation or Skiing with Inspired Italy – Your Fitness

Risk – eBike Safaris, Skiing and the Dolomites Ski Safari are forms of adventure sports activity, with all of the inherent and potential dangers that are involved in skiing and bicycling. No form of bicycling or skiing is without risk, and injuries and death can and do occur in skiing and bicycling, even to trained and experienced cyclists and skiers using proper equipment. No claim is made or implied that all sources of potential danger to the skier or cyclist have or can be identified. No one should participate in cycling or skiing who does not recognise and wish to personally assume the associated risks.

Whenever you intend to go skiing or cycling it is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are fit to ski or cycle. It is your personal responsibility to ensure your suitability for the terrain skied or cycled. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are in good health.

Remember, conditions will change through the day and a run skied/road cycled in the morning may be more difficult in the afternoon when you are tired.

If you are skiing/cycling with an Inspired Italy Ski/eBike Leader, you are responsible to inform them of any pre-existing medical condition that could possibly affect your ability to ski/cycle at any time.

Illness or injury, taking medication, fatigue, pregnancy, medical procedures or surgical operations will usually entail temporary unfitness. If you are any in doubt about your fitness you should refrain from skiing/cycling, inform your Inspired Italy Ski/eBike Leader immediately and seek advice from a doctor.

It is assumed that you have accepted these terms and conditions by way of your prior payment.

If you or any member of your party ski/cycle on terrain on the recommendation of or accompanied by a representative of Inspired Italy, we will not be liable for any injuries, howsoever caused. Inspired Italy provides experienced ski/eBike leaders who are first aid trained. Our Ski/eBike Leaders are not instructors or guides.

Off-piste skiing in Italy is illegal.

The Dolomites region comprises – Blue: 30 % Red: 60 % Black: 10 %. Inspired Ski Leaders will provide and offer every possible support to you and your group to ensure maximum enjoyment.


Transfers, taxis & vehicles

The airport transfer service and any other transport offered in Inspired Italy vehicles during your stay are accepted at your own risk.


Upon Arrival

Each vacation and experience is arranged for a particular number of people to enjoy, and this must not be exceeded. No additional people other than those identified on your booking confirmation may reside at the property during the rental period without the prior agreement with Inspired Italy. If additional guests are invited to stay overnight, Inspired Italy reserves the right to charge extra for the services provided.

To allow us to fully prepare your accommodation,  you should arrive after 4 pm and vacate by 10.30 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with us and/or stated in your guide.

Our villas, hotel partners and experiences have been chosen so that whatever the weather is, you should have an enjoyable and memorable experience but please note that if you are subject to inconvenience due to weather conditions, it is with regret that the weather is one of those finishing touches for which we cannot accept any responsibility.

All Inspired Italy properties are no smoking areas, except where clearly defined.

Each of our accommodation offerings and their location, are very precious to us and their owners; once you visit you will understand why.  Some of the properties are the holiday homes of our owners that they want others to enjoy when they cannot. Therefore, during your stay please consider others: fellow guests, staff, the owners and the next guests.

Pets are allowed at some of our Properties, but if you bring your pets they must not be left alone in the Property, it’s not fair on your pet or our properties.

Please don’t take pets to those properties where we have stated that pets are not permitted. We will not be able to let you and your pet stay.

By making a full or deposit payment you are accepting these terms and conditions and therefore you are agreeing to pay for such repair, replacement or loss as a result of damage caused by you or a member of your party.  Costs will be billed to you by Inspired Italy after your stay and will need to be paid within seven days of receipt.

To allow us to provide a great Villa Experience the Property Owner or his representative will need access to the Property during the period of your stay.

If the worst happens and we have to ask you to leave because of your behaviour or, even worse, you decide that you do not want to stay for the duration of your reservation this will be treated as you cancel your reservation and we, therefore, will not be able to refund or compensate you in any way.

As well as the Villa Property please take care of your own items during your stay: Guests’ personal belongings and vehicles (together with their contents) are left at the Property entirely at your own risk.

Inspired Italy and Owners’ Responsibilities

Villas & Hotel partners – The written confirmation from Inspired Italy establishes a binding contract between you and the Property Owner/Hotel Partner. This means that we, Inspired Italy, are not part of this contract and are not liable but, to make everything easier for all, we will do our best, on behalf of the Property Owner/Hotel Partner, to give you, our guests, prompt assistance in the unlikely event of any complaints or claims.
In what we would very much hope is the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your stay, you should contact us as soon as possible (and in any event within 7 days of the end of the stay) with full details of the problem.
Before you go to the trouble of making a complaint please bear in mind that the Property Owner/Hotel Partner is only responsible for certain aspects of your holiday, mainly the accommodation and may not be responsible for other aspects of your holiday, such as those sevices and experiences booked with third parties.

Disabled Access

Many of our properties are in remote, rural locations and some have strict preservation orders preventing modernisation of the original architectural features. For these reasons, access for disabled guests may be more difficult than some holiday properties.
Please inform us, prior to booking, if you or any of your party has a disability that in any way may mean features like steps, narrow doorways and smaller bathrooms might cause access or mobility issues or simply reduce the enjoyment of their holiday. We can then advise you on the suitability of the property for your party and so prevent any disappointment on arrival.

Communication and Information

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, all personal and other information and details collected by us in the course of our business, belong to us and will not be disclosed to any third party except to the Property Owner/Hotel Partner (and/or his representatives) in connection with a reservation.
Provided you have not indicated otherwise, we may use your personal information for marketing our services in the future. We will in any event never transfer your details to any other third party.
If you ever tire of Inspired Italy and wish to be removed from our marketing lists at any time in the future, then please contact us.
This contract will be governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.