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35 Great Reasons to try an Electric Bike Tour in Italy

eBike touring is the best way to enjoy a bike tour of Tuscany or Umbria!

Posted in the Cycle Tours collection on 14th September 2018


ycling holidays should be enjoyed, not endured! And as Tuscany and Umbria are particularly hilly, e-Bike cycling holidays are the best way to enjoy a bike tour of Tuscany or Umbria!

Here are our top reasons for taking cycling holidays in Italy ...


KEYPOINT 1. 92% of Tuscany is Hilly - in Tuscany, you're either riding your bike up or coming down. That means 46% of your time is climbing! Cycling holidays in Tuscany or Umbria can be 'challenging' on a standard road bike. e-Bike cycling holidays make the hills of Tuscany and Umbria a true pleasure!


2. Ride with All Your Friends & Family - e-Bike cycling holidays in Italy using pedal-assist e-Bikes are great for mixed abilities, ages and fitness levels. Go eBike touring, together!

3. Umbria is Less Hilly - cycling in Umbria, where the valleys are longer and wider and the climbs less frequent, makes for easier e-Bike cycling holidays.

4. Spend Quality Time with Your Partner - all the best experiences are shared whether it is with a loved one, great friends or your family. e-Bike cycling holidays in Tuscany or Umbria are best when experienced together.

5. See More, Smell More, Experience More - from the comfortable gel seat saddle, your eBike tour means that you do get much closer to everything.


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6. Puts the Fun & Joy Back into Cycling - all manner of people enjoy e-Bike cycling holidays, even the MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra). Cycling holidays in Italy make everyone smile!

7. Exercise - yes, you do get a workout on an electric bike holiday! How much of a workout depends entirely upon you!

8. Deserve & Enjoy Those Long Lunches - put your battery on charge, settle down for a long lunch, because you deserve it and the battery needs charging anyway!

9. Climb Hills Easily on Electric Bikes - the hills and climbs of Tuscany and Umbria, become easy. Choose your power level, pedal and up you go!

10. Totally Relaxing & Therapeutic - Most people who jump aboard an eBike haven't ridden a bicycle for years and have forgotten just how therapeutic riding a bike is. Add in a little bit of Italy and its just wonderful. Take great pleasure in an electric bike tour of Tuscany or Umbria and relax!

11. Experience a Real Change of Pace - e-Bike cycling holidays are enjoyed most at a ‘leisurely pace’. Forget all about fast, modern travel.

12. Enjoy Healthy Family Time - Umbria & Tuscany cycling holidays are for the whole family. Our youngest guest Heidi at 9 years of age loved all the food and cycling in Umbria. And Geoffrey at 84 revelled in his first-ever e-Bike cycling holiday. e-Bike cycling holidays are fun for everyone so long as you enjoy reasonable fitness and health.


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★ KEYPOINT ★ 13. Electric Bikes Enhance Health and Fitness - the Institute of Transport Economics says, "People travel twice as much on the electric bike [as on a regular bike], both in terms of kilometres, amount of trips, and as part of the total transportation. The effect of having an electric bike was particularly strong among women. They did far more trips with their e-bikes than men did. Men, on the other hand, often went for longer trips once they were out cycling."


14. No Parking Problems - Slide your eBike into any small space, even in the busiest areas.

15. Our Guests Experience Stress Relief and Feel Good on an Electric Bike - during the first of his Inspired ITALY e-Bike cycling holidays, Dave C, told us "cycling in Umbria was incredibly calming and therapeutic for me. The scenery, the exercise, the peace and quiet really allowed my mind to clear of the daily clutter and stress .."

16. Environmentally Friendly - no doubt about it, taking an electric bike tour in Tuscany or Umbria is environmentally better than cruising the countryside with the air-con blasting and diesel fumes choking up the countryside! Cycling holidays in Italy are better for the environment.

17. Feel the Wind in your Face, Not the Sweat Down your Back - Delight in the e-Breeze as you whizz along the road and your e-Bike cycling holiday. e-Breeze is lovely and gets everywhere! It is your own air-conditioning!


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18. Beat the Traffic - e-Bike tours get onto the quieter roads!


★ KEYPOINT ★ 19. Cycle for Longer - e-Bike cycling holidays mean that you can take more time in the saddle, which means that ...

★ KEYPOINT ★ 20 ... you Travel Further - e-Bike touring from town to town and village to village. Why stay in one valley and limit your experience? e-Bike cycling holidays go further!


21. Easy to Use - pedal-assist electric bikes are so simple to use. Just one control. Stop pedalling and the power stops too.

22. Spending More Time Outdoors - cycling holidays in Italy with its Mediterranean climate are a true tonic! The food and cycling in Umbria is the perfect setting for e-Bike cycling holidays.

23. Minimal Maintenance - there is no additional maintenance for the electric bike. Just charge the battery and off you go!



24. Cycle at Any Age - e-Bike cycling holiday s at any age! Our oldest guest was 84 when he came on his first-ever Umbria cycling tour and the youngest was Heidi at 9 years.


★ KEYPOINT ★ 25. Become a Gravel Biker - for gravel Cycling, Umbria has some of the best white roads!


26. Silent Riding - e-Bikes make no more noise than the normal bike.

27. Keep Up with the Kids - turn up your e-Bike power and tag along.

28. Get the Kids Out - these days, the kids are likely stuck to their Xbox. Give them our Bosch Nyon GPS and e-Bike control and watch them turn computer game skills to practical use.

29. Explore New Places - e-Bike cycling holidays allow you to go to places you would miss in the car.



30. More Flexible than other Forms of Travel - rental car, pedal bike or train, the eBike is more flexible than all of them.

31. Safer than Normal Cycling - the additional power gives you an extra boost. When you're tired or in need of a helping hand.

32. Easier to Carry Loads - we carry your main luggage, but don't be afraid to carry some extras in your pannier because the pedal-assist takes the extra load.

33. Stylish and Cool - look really cool sitting atop your Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Trekking eBike with step-through frame, safari pannier, rear mirror and smart charcoal finish on your e-Bike cycling holiday in Tuscany or Umbria!

34. Avoid Heavy Breathing When it Gets Hot - if the going gets tough, turn up the power to make things effortless.

35. Make Friends - go on a guided cycle holiday and join a small group of like-minded.