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Dolomites Best Ski Runs: BUFFAURE

As we turn the first corner, I cannot but help myself as my skis just want to fly down this slope.

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 17th September 2018


uffaure 1

SKI AREA - Val di Fassa/Buffaure

TOP TIP: It is easy to say, but get here early. It is worth the effort.


The BUFFAURE 1 ski slope just gets me in the adrenalin vein every single time!

As we leave Baita Cuz early and I brief the Ski Safari guests about this slope, I inevitably tell them that I'll sweep (last man down). As we turn the first corner, I cannot but help myself as my skis just want to fly down this slope.

Perfectly Pisted

It is wide, tree lined, never too steep, perfectly groomed and has long sweeping turns with a constant slope gradient. With the wind rushing through your helmet vents, you'll just beam ear-to-ear, as you roll off the bottom and to the edge of the Pozza village!


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Let Your Skis Run

Staring down Buffaure 1 everything seems pretty normal, it's just another piste. But having successfully navigated the first, left-hand corner about 250m in and by far the tightest on this slope, things start to happen.

Instinctively you let your skis run because the slope is so wide, the gradient unassuming and you're alone. Seconds later you realise your speed. There is a gentle ridge towards the bottom of this section - look for the wooden building slope side, it is just before the slight ridge - which if taken on the left and with expertise, launches you into a surprisingly high and fast jump.


Be a Downhill Skier

The piste changes from here, with long, wide corners and that same, constant gradient. With ideal conditions, there is no need to stem your speed as it will gently bleed off at the bottom. Keep a good look out forward and think carefully about your line.

Depending upon time of day, there can be a lot of ski school activity along this slope.
Once passed the piste side chapel, Buffaure narrows to a track, passing cafés, restaurants and over driveways until you reach the bubble lift that marks the end.


Then he said to me ...

Christian Wolmar, Britain's leading transport commentator claimed, "that's the fastest I've ever been on skis," after his run down to Pozza. If you are not a speed hound, take it easy and enjoy the secluded tranquility of this wonderful piste.


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