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Dolomites Best Ski Runs: VULCANO

A really top ski slope and a great addition the Buffaure ski area

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 17th September 2018



SKI AREA - Val di Fassa/Buffaure
OUR GRADING - Black medium difficulty

TOP TIP: This slope if south facing, so on warmer days, get there early.

Having skied Buffaure 1 as a warmer, try Vulcano. A relatively new addition to the area, this black is south facing so ski it earlier in the day.

The Three Faces of Vulcano

Accessed from the top of the Buffaure 1 slope, the three faces of Vulcano become progressively steeper. The drop in is sedate enough and you should not be fooled by this. Vulcano is a worthy holder of its black classification.

Each face is separated by a short ridge, ideal for a short slope side rest. If you work this slope properly, your legs will know about it by the time you hit the valley floor.


How to Get to Vulcano

Access to Vulcano is off from the Buffaure 1 ski slope. Take the right fork about 120m after the very sharp dropping left hand corner towards the top of Buffaure 1. You can't really miss it.

Having taken the right fork, hold a steady speed because the first face comes up on you rather quickly.

Once into the gradient, work the knees hard, hold those edges and challenge the slope.

It is a truly awesome ski slope.


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Wide & Well Groomed

It is wide and extraordinarily well managed.

Take time to look stop at the side of the slope and look along the Val di Fassa to the south.

At the bottom of the slope, the gradient joins the Buffaure 1 slope and a return to the Pozza- Buffaure gondola.

Otherwise, frankly, there is little to tell about this wonderful ski slope. Just go ski it!