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Leave the Lycra at Home!

... the difference is the smile. Everyone on an e-Bike smiles.

Posted in the Cycle Tours collection on 22nd August 2018


long the winding, hilltop roads of Tuscany and Umbria, the casual cyclist is very easily spotted.

Sweat dripping from beneath the helmet, they are alone, climbing the hill and with each torturous pump the of pedals they seem to spell out, when-will-this-end, when-will-this-end?

It should, in all honesty, never have started. They should have taken an e-Bike.


A Very Noticeable Difference

Our e-Bike rider on the other hand, sits boldly upright, spinning away and loves to tackle the hills, so long as there is juice in the battery. Most likely, you will a-spy a glow of cheek and bead of perspiration because our e-Bike rider still has to 'work'.



e-Bikes do not provide a 'free ride'.

An e-Bike does require your effort, usually around 40% to 60% of the total effort. The observant onlooker, notes that the difference between our casual cyclist friend, alone on the hillside and he who dared to try the e-Bike, is the smile. Our e-Bike rider is also surrounded by friends and family, they are cycling together.

As Roger Naish, an Inspired ITALY guest, so aptly put it, “I know what the difference is, it is the smile. Everyone on an e-Bike smiles.”


Cycling to be Enjoyed - not endured

An e-Bike ride is always a pleasure.

The rider selects whichever level of ‘assist’ is desired and suitable to the terrain, their mood and the moment. The hills, whilst still noticeable become a joy to ascend, particularly when passing another casual cyclist.

Riding an e-Bike through Umbria and Tuscany is sheer pleasure.


Distances are less significant and time in the saddle more relevant.

You still need to be au fait with the bike saddle. This is still a bicycle and even though the saddle is gel-covered providing extra comfort. There is nothing to prepare you for a bike holiday like riding a bike.

Get comfortable with your saddle1


eBikes, Trump & Brexit

Despite all of this, the fact is that e-Bikes still divide opinion.

The difference is that e-bikers are, on the whole, a much happier bunch than their counterparts! Moreover, those enthusiasts who have dared to put a foot in the e-Bike camp frequently turn out to be converts.

But it is the casual cyclist who gains the greatest benefit. e-Bikes are responsible for bringing more people back to cycling, than anything else.



Pizzas, Pedalling & Calories

A pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut is around 2,500 calories and a seven-day tour of Tuscany using an e-Bike is likely to burn around 4,000 calories - see the image below. That’s 1.5 Pizza Hut Pepperoni pizzas per Tuscany e-Bike tour.

By comparison, using a standard bike on the same itinerary would devour around three pepperoni pizzas from Pizza Hut.

Draw from this whatever you wish.

The Perfect e-Bike to tour Tuscany & Umbria

To ensure that you get the greatest possible enjoyment and pleasure from your Umbria or Tuscany bike tour, we have created the perfect electric bike for you.

It is the powerful Bosch pedal-assist that whizzes you up the Tuscan hills and whisks you along the Umbrian valleys, devouring the miles and allowing you to concentrate on your enjoyment.



eBike Extra Bits that make the Difference

On arrival, your customised Inspired Raleigh Touring e-Bike is fitted to you to ensure that you are in the best possible riding position.


Our e-Bikes feature …

Safari Pannier | Rear-View Mirror | Handle-Bar Mounted Water Bottle | Helmet | Bike Lock | Gel-Seat Saddle | Safety Equipment | Rain Cape | Battery Charger | Power Adapters


Why Raleigh e-Bikes

British-based 'Raleigh' is the second oldest bike company in the world and continues to be a leader in its field. If you were brought up in Britain during the '50s, '60s or '70s, chances are your first bike was a Raleigh.

Taking an Umbria or Tuscany e-Bike trip is a great opportunity to get reacquainted with your childhood bike days and in a setting, that enhances the experience beyond expectation.


..the Raleigh Motus Trekking electric bikes that are used by Inspired ITALY do not give you a free ride. They boost your efforts, but do not entirely replace them. And the key point is that it is up to the rider to determine how much assistance they want..

— Christian Wolmar. Award winning writer & broadcaster specialising in transport


The fleet of Inspired Raleigh Motus Bosch Electric Touring Bikes have step through design, a ‘power assist’ range of between 30-110 miles ( 50 – 170 kilometres ), hydraulic brakes and a fold away stand.

The powerful Bosch pedal-assist has five settings that help flatten the climbs in Tuscany and whisk you along the Umbrian valleys. Eat up the miles and you concentrate on your smile.

Your customised Inspired Raleigh Tour eBike is fitted to you at the beginning of your trip to ensure maximum comfort and that you are in the best possible riding position.


e-Bike Specification

The Inspired ITALY Raleigh Motus Bosch Electric Trekking Bike …

  • Battery – BOSCH Li ION PowerPack 400 – 36v 11.6 Ah – 400Wh.
  • Display – BOSCH central Intuvia remote controlled. 5 modes
  • Motor – BOSCH 250W Active Cruise – 35/48 Nm – Support 40 225% -. 25 km / h
  • Range – 30-110 miles range
  • Brakes Magura HS11 Hydraulic Rim Brakes
  • Cassette – Sram 10-Speed Cassette 11-36t
  • Chain – Sram 10-Speed Chain
  • Forks – Suntour Nex suspension fork 63mm travel
  • Frame – Alloy 6061 Cross Bar Frame
  • Luggage Carrier – Alloy Pannier Rack
  • Mudguards – Full length Mudguard set
  • Rear Mech – Sram 10-Speed Derailleur
  • Saddle – Selle Bassano comfort saddle
  • Seatpost – Alloy Suspension Seatpost
  • Shifters – Sram 10-Speed R/H Shifter
  • Stand – Alloy Fold Away Kick Stand
  • Tyres – Schwalbe Energizer Life 700x35c Puncture Resistant Tyres
  • Weight – 24.3kg
  • Wheelset – Double wall rims on Deore rear hub and Shimano Dynamo front hub 36spoke



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