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The season could not have got off to a better start! The skiing is awesome!

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 9th December 2021


f you are booked on an Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari it is really very important that you read this post carefully.

And I mean every single word.


I mean, honestly, last winter we sat at home watching the weather dump mega amounts of snow upon the Dolomites. "It's a hundred-year winter," they told us! What a year to be banned from skiing.

But fear not!

The start of the 21/22 season is proving to be just as awesome as last year and I mean way beyond expectation.

We had a good snowfall the week before the scheduled ski season opening and then a few days in, there was a second downfall and, believe it or not, there's another major fall happening as I write. That's three major downfalls in around 10 days.

Add in a little 'program snow' and you have perfect pistes!


Don't believe it?


Watch Louise and Derek ski Seceda on Tuesday 7th December 2021 in the video below.


🔴 Booking Flights if you haven’t already


Book Now - We are seeing a lot of last-minute changes to schedules probably driven by demand - so our advice is to book early. Most if not all airlines will offer you a credit in the event of a change.


If You’re Flying to Austria or Germany and Transiting to Italy - You can transit through Germany and Austria to Italy. Here is the statement that we received from the Austrian Tourist Board about transit through Austria (we believe that the same rules apply to Germany)…


"Transit through the Austrian territory without stopover by car, plane, train, etc. regardless of where people come from (incl. countries with an increased risk of Covid 19) is essentially permitted, provided that the immediate departure is ensured (proof of a flight, train, bus ticket, a taxi confirmation or similar). According to the Ministry of Health, necessary short breaks are allowed. This concerns short refuelling stops or toilet breaks - longer interruptions are prohibited. These travellers can enter the country without submitting a negative test/proof of vaccination/proof of past infection, without filling out the Pre-Travel-Clearance and without any quarantine obligation. The reason for the transit journey must be credible and you may need to show a proof of your final destination.

Please note that a mouth and nose protection (FFP2 mask) is required on public transport as well as in the case of car pools for people from different households!

Since the situation is not stable, please find always up-to-date information on entry regulations and the current measures on our website

Please note: Österreich Werbung is not an authority and cannot provide any legally binding information.

For detailed binding information please refer to the Austrian representation authority in your country of residence or the other Embassies of the countries involved in your journey. For information on the status and requirements of your planned flights please refer to your airline. Details on the measures in Austria can be found on website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

And that not only the Austrian regulations are relevant, but also the measures in your home country. We therefore recommend you to also to check the measures that expect you on your return journey."


☎️ Your Smart Phone & Data Roaming


☎️ Make sure that you have a data package for the EU/Italy.




🇬🇧 If you are British please check your contract. Regulations are due to change on 1st January 2022 and your roaming charges may change substantially. Some providers are saying that they will not implement changes until after the pandemic but don’t get caught out.


📞 If you are struggling with your own mobile phone provider to get reasonable roaming rates, read this article, Buying a Sim Card in Italy in 2021 it might help.

🟢 Download WhatsApp and here’s why…


We use WhatsApp to communicate with our guests and to provide you with important real-time information.

Using WhatsApp eliminates the need for printed information and is a small step to reducing our carbon footprint, it is more Covid friendly and helps communication.

Some weeks before your departure you will be added to a private Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari WhatsApp group.

You can delete the app after your Safari if you so wish and/or leave the group.


🔵 You MUST Download Dolomites Superski App


Your ski pass needs to be validated each day before skiing and the only way to do this when we are in the rifugio is by using the app.

You can download the app from the links below….


💉 Your Covid-19 vaccine shot is valid for six months


📆 With the updated Italian Government regulations, your last vaccination is valid for six months as of 1st February 2022.


If your ski safari is in January 2022, your vaccine date must be after 1st May 2021. (9 months)

If your ski safari is in February 2022, your vaccine date must be after 1st September 2021. (6 months)

If your ski safari is in March 2022, your vaccine date must be after 1st October 2021. (6 months)



⛔️ From 1st February 2022, if your vaccination is over six months old, you will not be allowed a ski pass and you cannot enter any public place. ⛔️


🛑🛑🛑 If you are a Non-European, you need to send us a copy of your Vaccination Certificate


If you are a 'non-European' we need a copy of your vaccinations certificate in advance of your arrival.

Why? It is a legal requirement to be fully vaccinated against Covid 19 in order to buy a ski pass. And each day the pass needs revalidation using the vaccination certificate.

Dolomiti Superski tells us that they have a system to deal with non-EU certificates where the QR code will not activate the ski pass. For this reason, we need a copy of the pass in advance.

Please send this by email or WhatsApp. or 0044 7532464678


🟡 This is How You Should Manage Your Vaccination Certificate


You must carry a printed paper copy of your vaccination certificate at all times. Ideally, your certificate should have a QR code, then ...


… and ….

Take a photo of the QR code with your phone and save the photo in your phone gallery


… and/or …

Download the Vaccination Certificate as a PDF on your phone


… and/or …

Download a ‘Green Pass App’. There are a number of Apps available. These two seem to be very popular ….


Please note that subsequent experience with various Green Pass Apps has been inconsistent and that they are not always reliable.




🎿 You MUST have Ski Insurance. It’s a legal requirement.


It is a legal requirement for skiers to have 3rd party insurance. You must carry this with you when you are skiing.

Dolomiti Superski recommend this company

It is and always has been a requirement of Inspired ITALY’s terms and conditions that you have adequate insurance to cover third party, medical and travel claims and in paying your final invoice you acknowledge this requirement.


🆘 Complete the Emergency Contact Form


Please complete your Inspired ITALY Emergency Contact Form.


You will need your passport number and the contact details for your emergency contact person including the mobile/cell phone number, address and email.


📍 Passenger Locator Form: The One Before You Fly ….


You must fill out a PLF - 

Your PLF shows your destination and is all the proof that you require for transit (see below)

The Base hotel address is Hotel Cavallino D'Oro.  Piazza Kraus, Vicolo Buehl, 2, 39040 Castelrotto [BZ] Bolzano, Alto Adige/South Tyrol

1. 📍Download the PDF with all Safari addresses click here

2.📍Passenger Locator Form


🛑 NOTE: You can check all the requirements for entry to Italy on the Italian Government website.


✈️ Airport Transfers


As there are fewer flights and airlines continue to enforce flight changes, you may find that you have a longer wait for your transfer.  We will inform you of the wait time in advance and if you then wish to, you can pay a supplement for an earlier transfer. 

Our policy is based upon a minimum of four people per transfer.

There is some flexibility in this policy and we endeavour to minimise wait times wherever possible.



🇮🇹 Covid Restrictions in Italy & for skiers | A message from Dolomiti Superski…


Ski safe is our motto for this winter season. 

We would like to explain, how the EU COVID Certificate (Green Pass) control will work and what you have to observe in order to spend serene days on the slopes of the Dolomites. 

You can buy your skipass in our Online Shop or at the skipass point of sale.

Via our Dolomiti Superski APP or on our website you can validate your COVID Certificate by scanning the QR code and cross-referencing it with your skipass. This operation takes just a few minutes. If the skipass data is once stored on the APP it will be a matter of seconds. 

The validation of the Green Pass must be done every day you want to spend on the slopes of the Dolomites.

On all lifts, you will need to wear a surgical mask.

We recommend everyone to wear a ski helmet. From 1 January 2022 wearing a helmet is compulsory for young skiers under 18.

Keep a safe distance of 1 meter.

Pay cashless

Sanitize your hands

Lifts such as cable cars, gondolas and chairlift with canopy operate at 80% of their capacity, chairlifts without canopy and ski lifts at 100%.

If you follow these simple rules, we are sure to spend peaceful and unforgettable days on the slopes, that we missed so much last winter


Also, note that masks must be worn in bars and restaurants 


😷 Mask Wearing is Now Compulsory


This article in The explains the situation very well.

On the ground, our experience while skiing today, Christmas Day, is that medical grade masks are being worn by all skiers on ski lifts and a notable number of people are wearing the FFP2 grade masks.

We expect it to become mandatory to wear FFp2 masks on all enclosed ski lifts.

You might see this as an imposition but the reality is that you soon get into the swing of it and it does have the odd effect of making you feel somewhat more secure. And consider that the slopes are extraordinarily quiet at the moment and the skiing is excellent.



🇦🇺🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧 Passenger Locator for Returning Home


You must have a smartphone on which you must complete a PLF (or equivalent) when returning to your home country.

This is usually required 48hours before travel.


😷 Covid Tests for Returning Home


Covid Tests need to be booked in advance. Antigen tests are available locally at a cost of around €15.

PCR tests can be obtained at most airports.

We continue to investigate the options.


Zoom Recordings

📹Inspired ITALY Dolomite Ski Safari Zoom #2

Click Here to watch the recording.


Zoom Notes:

General Situation

Great; slopes are busy this week; new regulations from the Italian government on 23rd Dec are being adhered to - skiers skiing with FFP2 masks on enclosed lifts and while it is an imposition, you pretty soon get used to it. You will be asked for a vaccination certificate/Green Pass when you enter a restaurant.

The experience on the ground might be summed as follows: The Regulations are the Regulations. Then there is the interpretation of the regulation and then there is the implementation of the interpretation of the regulation. 

There is a lot of room for manoeuvre. 

However, the news tells us that the Italian population is the most likely to follow Covid regulations. 99.9% of skiers are wearing masks. All have been vaccinated ( otherwise they can’t get a ski pass ).



The US Embassy website in Italy says that the “Department of State’s Level 4 Travel Advisory recommends that Americans avoid all travel to Italy.”

What does this mean? You need to clarify your cover with your insurers.

3rd party cover is a legal requirement

Cash Per Day

My lunch preference is usually a soup such as la Zuppa d’orzo (barley soup) or minestrone, maybe with a side of patate fritte (chips) with a large ’sci washer’ (.5ltr fizzy water, with raspberry cordial and lemon juice) and maybe an espresso all of which comes to around €20. 

A pasta (primi) dish is going to cost from €8 to €15

Secondi main dish around €15 to €30 depending. For example, we were offered Nebraska steak for two at €95 the other day.


From 1st February the validity of your vaccine is six months. Please make sure that you have had your booster.


If you are British, this is happening! We met Steve in Rif Lagazuoi two nights ago and he is paying 30p per minute for calls!

Look on the website for a suggestion on being an Italian SIM.

Given Covid, it is more important than ever that you stay in touch and have the ability to access data while you are on Safari. Although rifugi do have Wifi it is not always reliable and can get easily overloaded.


For our non-European guests, please send us copies of your Fax certificates. You can do this by WhatsApp. It is secure. If you prefer a different method of transfer, let us know.


We have been asked if the rifugi accommodation arrangements have changed because of Covid. 

We have slept in 4 different rifugi this month and none have changed their accommodation arrangements. 

However, you will have a private room. In some instances you may need to share with a fellow ski safari guest; 

Rifugio CAI, Kronplatz, Lagazuoi & Laresei you will share a bathroom.

You will have a private table for dinner and where and whenever possible your will have a private lunch table.


You will be tested on your final evening before your departure. If you test positive, most likely, you will need to isolate. There is talk that this isolation is to be reduced to 3-5 days for triple vax’d. There is a Covid Isolation centre near Bolzano. If you test positive you will need to cover the costs of the additional expenses. 

We are unsure as yet as to what would happen to your fellow travellers.

I want to emphasise that we are here, on the ground to support you. 


DEC 30TH, 2021 - Italy eases isolation rules on COVID-19 contacts

REUTERS - Italy eases isolation rules on COVID-19 contacts

"Italy on Wednesday scrapped self-isolation rules for those coming into contact with someone testing positive for coronavirus providing they have had a booster shot, have recently recovered or been vaccinated.


Under the Italian measures, isolation will no longer be required for those who had a positive contact but have had a booster dose, have been vaccinated or have recovered from the illness within the last 120 days, a Cabinet statement said."


If you haven't travelled internationally recently or maybe you haven't travelled to Italy, it is totally understandable to feel a little anxious.

You can be reassured: since September we have made multiple trips to and from the UK and we have also been to Croatia a few times. We travelled by road, ferry and flying.

In the end, all of these trips were uneventful and frankly, pretty straightforward.

You might even say that the Covid restrictions are a bit of an anticlimax! No one seems to want to see anything other than the fact that you have a valid vaccination certificate and you're wearing a mask. Having your passenger locator form handy and your negative antigen test to hand is important but honestly, I don't think that mine was ever actually checked.

Do not misunderstand, you must have all the paperwork.

But if you're feeling anxious, that is OK. Just take your time and do one thing at a time.


Most importantly the skiing in the Dolomites is currently exceptional!


Tim, Louise and Matteo



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