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One of my personal favourite Dolomite Ski Safari mornings starts from Rifugio Baita Cuz

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 3rd August 2018


ifugio Baita Cuz is the highest ski rifugio in the Val di Fassa. We can talk all we want about how comfortable the accommodation is, the nice bathrooms, menu choice, friendly staff, the terrace sauna and even the home made grappa. But it is all forgotten when you step through the door at 08:20 onto the perfectly groomed ski slope!


ASL - 2,213m / 7,260ft

In front of you, the Rosengarten and around 8Km of tremendous red grade, immaculate corduroy.

It is all yours.

This is why you come on an Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari.


Rifugio Baita Cuz

- FACILITIES: Six en suite bedrooms with balconies; Restaurant; Bar; Terrace; Home made Grappa!

- SPECIAL FEATURES: On terrace Sauna; Outstanding views of the Rosengarten.


Leaving Rifugio Baita Cuz quickly puts you on the top of the Buffaure or Panorama slope. This 6Km long piste, one of the longest ski runs in the Val di Fassa ski system can be skied quickly at this time of the morning. Launching from 2,050m ASL, you descend 710m. The medium gradient is of 15% with long stretches of 30%.

Curves & Corners - wonderful!

Vulcano - wide, black and plunging. 566m of vertical and 2.2Km of shear, black pleasure (40%-76%)!

The three steps of Vulcano gradually steepen. Bend the knees and thrust forward. Dig in the edges.


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Wherever possible, you will have a private bedroom with en suite facilities. However, rifugi sell beds, not rooms and it is likely that you will have to share a room with fellow members of your Dolomites Ski Safari.



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