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Spring vs Fall? Best Month for an eBike Adventure in Italy

Spring is a riot of colour. Fall, a wealth of flavour.

Posted in the Cycle Tours collection on 18th April 2018


ost people tend, somehow, to think of Tuscany as a destination to visit during Fall.


But visit in the Spring and see how beautiful it is.




September - is not the 'Off-Season'

Many people believe that September is the best month for a Tuscany bike tour. The heat has lost its summer's edge and yet it still feels 'summery'.

September certainly isn't 'off-season' in Tuscany. The second and third weeks of September are very popular and consequently, the roads are a little busier, along with everything else.

Early morning temperatures are pleasant with midday highs of around 70-80F ( 23C average ). At night, temperatures range from the '50s to mid-'60s (17C) with low humidity and very little rain.



October - a Surprising Freshness

From late September onwards, mornings start with a surprising freshness. As you glide down those winding Tuscan hills at 17mph on your eBike at 9am, the fresh morning air finds its way up, around and through every little clothing gap and it is a little chilly.

On occasion, you might witness the Tuscan valley mists. These will only add to the chill effect, but oh my, just wait until you see the rolling Tuscan hills with a faint mist settled in the valley bottom! You will tear up immediately!


TOP TIP: SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER: When on your eBike, always carry something light and windproof that is easy to pack into your bike pannier.


Once the October mid-morning sun is high above the horizon and any memory of the morning air has evaporated, you'll be warm enough and by midday, you could easily find temperatures between 66F and the mid/high 70s ( 19ºC to 25ºC ).



May - Longer Days & More Sunshine

Spring daylight hours are longer than the Fall. From the 1st May you can expect over 14 hours of Tuscan sunlight. On the 1st May, the sunsets at 8.16pm. By mid-May it is setting at 8.30pm, which means darkness at around 9pm.

Average statistics show that May has 9 days of rain and 10% more average sunshine hours than September, with 11 hours per day!! The sun is powerful, while early mornings, as in September, can be chilly.


TOP TIP: Sunrise & Sunset for Tuscany

  • 1st May 2017 - 6:07am to 8:16pm
  • 28th Oct 2017 - 7.44am to 6.11pm



September - 12 hours of Daylight

The evenings close in quickly in Tuscany during September. On the first of the month, sunset is 7.49 pm and by the month-end, it’s 6.57 pm! Still, you have around 12 hours of full daylight with which to ride.

On average, September has 10 hours of sunshine per day and 9 days of rain, according to statistics.

Just make sure that you are well-positioned for that famous Tuscan sunset.