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You can't ski in, you can't ski out! So why do we go to such great lengths to get here?

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 4th August 2018


ou will never just stumble across Rifugio Fuciade. Set amidst remote mountain pastures, this charming, seasonal mountain retreat is a former priests' refuge.


Rifugio Fuciade 1,982m/6,502ft ASL

Here is the thing - in winter it is accessible on foot or by snow mobile. You can't ski in, so we take the snow cat. You can't ski out, so we take a helicopter!

Why, then do we go to such great lengths to get here?

Food, Charm & Wine cellar.


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The retreat has 7 quaint, rustic rooms, all en suite. There is a 3-bedroom log cabin 10 minutes' walk away offering 2 bathrooms, a living room & a kitchen.

Freebies include breakfast and a seasonal snowcat transport service. There's an informal restaurant, and breads and pastries are baked on-site. The retreat also has a wine cellar.

Martino is the head chef. He personally chooses the ingredients, mainly local and farm-to-table. Starting with local flavours and traditional dishes, Martino has developed the menu with a special eye to Italian cooking and creating new dishes where alpine tradition meets mediterranean cuisine creating truly memorable evenings.

What ever you do, do not miss the delicious cakes and bread. Rifugio Fuciade claims its own small patisserie which bakes every day.

The Wine Cellar

Sergio is devoted to the wine cellar. Despite the obvious environmental complications, he has fulfilled his dream and created a 'cave' holding more than 600 wine labels.

He searches for unknown local producers but he also keeps the best Italian and worldwide wines.

Dug into the mountain, the wine cellar has various rooms. This helps the storage needs of different wines. Sergio loves to share his passion. Ask nicely for the guided tour.

Rifugio Fuciade features on the Inspired ITALY SPECIAL Dolomites Ski Safari itinerary.

Wherever possible, you will have a private bedroom with en suite facilities. However, the rifugio sell beds, not rooms and it is likely that you will have to share a room with fellow members of your Dolomites Ski Safari.