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STAY ON THE MOUNTAIN: Rifugio Kronplatz

Kronplatz has some of the best black ski slopes in the Dolomites

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 5th August 2018


ronplatz or Plan di Corones, to give it the Italian name, is the ski mountain that we love & hate!

Its unique Christmas pudding topography provides pitch perfect pistes. But unfortunately, this is also its downfall.

On the very top of Kronplatz, 8 high speed ski lifts converge to bring masses of people. As we #StayOnTheMountain, we get a head start on the masses. But it doesn't take long for them to swarm the mountain, particularly in high season.

Thus our experience of Kronplatz amounts to 120mins of pure adrenalin!


Rifugio Kronplatz

We use three different Rifugi on Kronplatz ...

- Rifugio Panorama

- RifugioGraziani

- Chalet Corso




As near as damn it, Rifugio Panorama is slap bang, dead-center of the Kronplatz mountain. Open the door and slide down the mountain on perfectly groomed slopes.

On arrival, we will no doubt find Paolo, the owner, awaiting our group. He will, most likely, have a broom in his hands. He is a typical mountain man. Friendly, proud and feverishly keen to please. After depositing skis and the like in the well equipped boot room, select your drink of choice and find a corner on the large, south facing, terrace. Watch the sunset. It is a truly remarkable view from your 2,050m ASL vantage point.

Each bedroom has a private bathroom. The Wi-Fi is available to all.




At 2,080m ASL, and remarkably just across the slope from Rifugio Panorama, is Rifugio Graziani.

The facilities are very similar to Panorama, except the bedrooms are not en suite.



Strictly speaking Chalet Corso isn't 'on the mountain'. Its in the village of San Vigilio. It is a very short distance from the slopes. However, the facilities are superb.

Chalet Corso has 16 rooms.

Wherever possible, you will have a private bedroom with en suite facilities. However, the rifugio sell beds, not rooms and it is likely that you will have to share a room with fellow members of your Dolomites Ski Safari.



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