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What to Pack for an Inspired ITALY Dolomites Ski Safari

The experience totally changed my view of how to pack for a ski trip!

Posted in the Dolomites Ski Safaris collection on 26th August 2018


f you haven't experienced anything like a Dolomites Ski Safari before, the idea of packing everything that you need into a small backpack is probably quite daunting.

Rest assured, everybody survives and, more than that, most take a completely different view of packing for future ski trips.


Suggested Back-Pack Packing List

It is important to remember that you will be staying on the mountain at night and there is nowhere to go! There is no need for smart clothes or even shoes! Please give very careful consideration to what you pack.

Your backpack is the Vaude 22. It weighs a very light 830 grams.

Below is the suggested packing list based on our previous experience.

- Cash to pay for lunches and drinks for 5 days. Not all the rifugi can process credit cards.

- Mobile Phone with either spare battery or charger (European plug). We operate a Ski Safari WhatsApp Support for each Safari. If you haven't discovered WhatsApp, we highly recommend it as a very effective communication tool.

- Personal Medicines, enough for a few extra days, just in case. Note that your Ski Leader has a basic first aid kit and is First Aid trained.

- Light Weight Slippers and preferably with rubber soles. There are a lot of things on the market these days but we like The North Face Tent Mules. Some refuges do have slippers you can use.


- CLASSIC Dolomites Ski Safari


- Basic Toiletries (this is the perfect opportunity to use all those freebie mini sizes, however, many pharmacies now sell small “carry on” sized toiletries) – the refuges have very simple supplies, such as soap, shampoo and towels.

- Sun Protection is necessary because 8 out of 10 days are sunny in the Dolomites.

- Lightweight Change of Clothes for the Evening – all the refuges are generally nice and warm. We can highly recommend Derek Rose for quality warm (and luxurious!) light weight clothing for the evenings and to sleep in.

- Underwear/something to sleep in – remembering you could be sharing accommodation.


#StayOnTheMountain - Rifugio Fuciade

#StayOnTheMountain - Rifugio Averau


- Ear Plugs – see above!

- SNACKS - All the refuges sell chocolate bars if you need a snack during the day and bottled water.

- Goggles & Glasses -  The Dolomites boasts 8 out of 10 days of winter sunshine, however if you ski with glasses it might be advisable to pack goggles, just in case.

- Kindle, eReader or Book - You will get to your rifugio generally between 3pm and 4pm. More skiing is available but for those wanting to enjoy a quiet moment, you might want to pack a Kindle, eReader, or a (small) book. However, your Ski Leader is always ready to suggest some typical and not-so-typical 'après ski' entertainment.

- Internet Access is available in most Rifugi although performance is not reliable.

- Lightweight Camera to capture those sunrises and sunsets.

It is your decision as to what you pack. We have had Safari guests in the past who have survived with plastic bags to act as slippers, a toothbrush and toothpaste and a set of spare underwear. We have also memorably had Jim, who brought a travel kettle and tea bags and Lesley, whose own rucksack was only marginally smaller than her 5ft frame, but she did look smart each evening. NOTE: We do not permit guests to use their own backpacks except in exceptional circumstances.

- Sharing - If you are skiing with a group of friends, you might want to share things, such as electronic chargers.

You soon get used to skiing with a backpack and by lunchtime, on the first day, most people have forgotten about it.

Your Back-Pack is waiting for you on your arrival at your hotel and we recommend a dry “packing” run, before setting off on the first day of your Dolomites Ski Safari.

If you have any questions or queries, do get in touch.