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What to Wear for your Tuscany and Umbria Cycle Trip

It is all about your comfort! You don’t need a whole wardrobe of cycling clothes ...

Posted in the Cycle Tours collection on 15th April 2020


t is all about your comfort! You don't need a whole wardrobe of cycling clothes, but a few well-chosen items help keep you cool/warm and comfortable during your cycle holiday no matter what the weather.

So let's start with the delicate bit!



The good news is that the Inspired ITALY Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Low Step eBikes are fitted with a very comfortable Gel Saddle, the Selle Royal Milo, supported on an alloy suspension seat post that works like a shock-absorber.

The ride is soft and smooth and ideal for the casual cyclist and cycling holidays.

If you are riding one of our Haibike SDURO Cross 3.0’s each is fitted with the slightly more sporty Selle Royal Viento saddles.

Both these bikes have suspended front forks all of which go to make your ride smooth, comfortable and kinder to your delicate derrière!

what to wear when cycling in tuscany

Despite this, you might choose to wear padded cycling shorts/skirts for extra comfort. OK, let's not get too excited!

The main issue is getting your bum used to the saddle. If you haven’t ridden a bike for a while, even after 1 or 2 hours per day in the saddle, your bum is likely to protest somewhat after your second day! (see notes on preparation)

Our eBike Leaders wear padded liners/underwear, which is a more flexible option than donning the classic padded cycle short!

You can then choose to wear this with your favourite shorts - see photo below. And yes, there are ladies versions too!


Shirts & Tops

Leave the Lycra at home! This is not a race!

Instead, choose a top with ‘wicking material’ and/or built-in sun protection and something with some style that is light and airy!

Breathable materials are more comfortable to wear. As you are cycling and sweating, a standard shirt material such as cotton, can collect and hold moisture and as soon as you stop, it has a rapid and uncomfortable cooling effect on your body. While cotton shirts are best avoided, many guests do wear loose-fitting polo or tee shirts.

Our guides tend to wear a polo shirt made from wicking material and/or a short sleeve shirt with built-in UV protection.



The Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Low Step eBike has ‘comfort grip’ fitted as standard, so gloves should only be necessary if you think it's going to be too cold for you. The early and late season months can be somewhat chillier in the mornings, so best be prepared.




Our eBikes have standard pedals.

You need a pair of shoes that are resistant to the weather that you might encounter - see our weather page - have a good grip and a solid sole. A good sports trainer is adequate.

A good sturdy sole is important. This will help disperse the pressure across the foot.

Your footwear should also be comfortable for walking.


Helmet & Headgear

At Inspired ITALY, we provide you with a cycling helmet.

We have two models, the Raleigh EVO BLACK and the Btwin CBH 500 white - see images.

However, if you are sensitive to the sun, do consider wearing a cap under your helmet paying particular attention to the back of your neck.



Light Scarf

It is a very good idea to carry a neckerchief or scarf with you. This can help protect you against the sun.


Light Weight Windproof jacket

Early mornings can be cooler than you might expect. Do carry a lightweight windproof jacket, just to keep the cool morning air at bay.


Shower/Wet Weather Protection

We provide you with a full wet weather poncho/rain cape as modelled by India in the photos below. A rain cape is like an umbrella for your legs and can be put on in seconds no matter what you’re wearing!

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What to Carry with You When Cycling

All our bikes are equipped with bags and the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Low Step eBikes support a single Safari pannier, which carries the charger, a bike lock and a good quality cycling rain cape, just in case! ( full list of provided items is below )

There is more than adequate room to put a phone, a small camera, spare clothes, sun cream etc.

We provide you with a cycle helmet and the bikes have a handlebar-mounted, personal water bottle.

Your destinations are hill towns or villages with cobbled/ stone streets.

You are provided with ...

  • Wet Weather Cape
  • Water Bottle
  • 3-Way Power Adapter
  • Bosch Battery Charger
  • Hi-Vis Vest
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Bike Key

The Lead Guest also has ...

  • Tool Kit
  • Maps & Pace Notes
  • Basic First Aid Kit

All guests should have with them at all times ...

  • Passport
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Cash for the day
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Change of clothing to anticipate changes in weather
  • Mobile/Cell Phone